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Updated on Dec 24, 2022
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Christmas Reindeer Silhouette Printables
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What are the 6 facts about reindeer?

As one of the symbols of Christmas, you might be curious about the reindeer. The animal commonly seen in Santa’s fairy tale exists in the real life. Some facts about reindeer that you might not know yet are:

  1. The habitat of reindeer spread around the Artic tundra and dump forest in Greenland, Alaska, Scandinavia, Canada, and Russia.

  2. This animal belongs to the deer family. Both species of male and female reindeer have antlers. Male antlers can reach 1.4 meters in length.

  3. Reindeer include animals that can live long-lasting. In the wild area, they can live up until 15 years. Meanwhile, domesticated ones can reach 20 years.

  4. Since ancient times, humans hunt reindeer to take out milk, meat, antlers, and fur. Some countries such as China, Russia, Mongolia, and Scandinavia even make this animal a part of their cultural tradition.

  5. Reindeer have special abilities in adapting their body to snowy and cold environments. They even spend 40% of their lives in the cold season. It’s their cloven hooves that make them easily adapt.

  6. As in the Disney Frozen movie, in real life, this animal also pulls the sleigh and helps people to carry the burden.


How many Santa reindeer are there?

Santa is always linked to Christmas as well. In the story, Santa always comes with the reindeer. You might figure out how many are there. You will find out below!

There are 9 total of Santa’s reindeer and every one of them has characteristics and personalities.

  1. Vixen

She is one of the women in the reindeer group which have a strong and confident personality.

  1. Prancer

Prancer is a sweet and kind figure among other reindeer. His sensitive personality even becomes an inspiration for everyone. He even has a movie called himself.

  1. Rudolph

He is quite famous in fairy tales. The characteristic of having a red nose is always the one that becomes the center point. When it comes to the personality trait, Rudolph is quite introverted and magical.

  1. Dasher

Dasher is the fast one. The unique thing is that he masters and loves sewing.

  1. Dancer

As the name, Dancer love to dance and are very extroverted. She also loves to style herself in a good appearance.

  1. Comet

Comet has a charming personality. He is also very attractive and loves to surround himself with kids and girls.

  1. Cupid

The reindeer that fully affectionate. He always spread love and bring people to the togetherness.

  1. Donner

His personality is always wanting to be the center of attention. He also loves to sing which turns out to be his talent.

  1. Blitzen

Blitzen is the fastest reindeer among others. His lighting skill makes him can infuse the electric charge into other reindeer.

Reindeer Silhouette Stencil
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Reindeer Silhouette Printable
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How do you make a reindeer silhouette decoration?

While knowing the connection between reindeer and Christmas, you might come up with this animal template as the decoration. If you are craving the simple one, just go with the silhouette décor. It is such a pleasing and simple to make. Let’s DIY!

The first item you should prepare is the reindeer stencil. You can choose different types of angles and then decide the ones that are appropriate for your wall in every corner. Prepare the canvas for painting. Black paint and the brush should be included too.

Start with sticking the stencil into the canvas. Make sure it’s on the center part. Prepare the paint and the brush, then start to paint the silhouette. Leave this until dry then take off the stencil. You will see how gorgeous you’re painting without a lot of effort.

Aside from the painting, you can also go with the standing decoration in silhouette mode. Use cardboard or thin wooden board. Still use the stencil and paint all in black. You should use the scissor or any cutter to make the cutout and let it stand.

Why does Santa choose reindeer as the animal to pull his sleigh?

Among other animals, Santa chooses reindeer as the ones that pull his sleigh. Of course, it’s not without a reason.

Reindeer is an animal that stands for a long time in the cold season. This animal won’t affect to the snow because they have such a coat and buoyant hair that help them in the winter.

This mammal belongs to the one that is low maintenance. They do not need any additional supplements. All they should own are foods such as mosses, grasses, hay, herbs, and more.

The most make sense reason is reindeer become the only animal that can see ultraviolet light. This statement was based on the research of the University College in London that was published around 1939. This statement support and answer the question of why the figure of Santa chooses this animal.

With their skill, reindeer help Santa to travel around with the sleigh by following the lights on Christmas celebrations.

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