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Updated on Sep 02, 2023
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How to Celebrate Halloween with Students in Class?

There are many ways to celebrate Halloween in the classroom such as candy contests, telling scary stories, and wearing Halloween costumes. Those activities can entertain kids so they can create unforgettable Halloween moments.

Because Halloween is identical to pumpkins, ask the children to paint pumpkins. Use small pumpkins so it doesn't take a long time to finish them. Let them paint anything on the pumpkin. You can also ask them to paint something related to the lesson.

An example is math. Ask the children to paint various number combinations on the pumpkin. Don't forget to add Halloween decorations like spiders or cobwebs to the pumpkin.

Teachers can also read scary stories. It's the perfect activity to celebrate Halloween in the classroom. Students can also read Halloween-themed poetry.

Don't forget to do the costume contest.  Kids can make and wear their costumes. After that, throw a costume party in class. All students can guess each other's costumes.

Songs are also an important thing that should not be missed on Halloween. Therefore, teachers can also hold a lip sync contest. Play a Halloween-themed song and each child should sing the song. The student who can sing the song without making a word mistake is the winner. Don't forget to record the contest and give the recording to the student's parents.

Halloween isn't complete without decorating the classroom. Therefore, you also have to decorate the class with the children. There are various Halloween decoration ideas for the classroom. An example is making Halloween decorations out of paper.

How to Decorate a Classroom for Halloween?

Teachers have to get creative with students to come up with interesting Halloween decoration ideas in class. So, how to decorate the classroom for Halloween? Here are the recommendations.

  • Paper Ghosts: The first decoration idea to make is paper ghosts. Roll up the paper and arrange it all into a ghost shape. Then, hang the paper ghost on the classroom wall.

  • Classroom Door Decoration: Teachers and students can also decorate the classroom door. Use unique Halloween-themed words.

  • Lighting: Halloween has a spooky vibe. So, you have to use lighting that can give a spooky effect. The trick is to cover the lights with cloth. It will make the classroom feel so creepy.

  • Paper Lanterns: Use table lamps and cover them with paper. Don't forget to add Halloween decorations to the papers. Put the table lamps in the corners of the classroom.

  • Halloween Tissue Box: Don't forget to make a spooky tissue box. You can make a tissue box out of paper. Use scary designs like the monster mouth design.

  • Wall Decorations: To create a spooky atmosphere in the classroom, turn the classroom walls into spooky walls. An example is using a skull or Jack O'Lantern wallpaper. Add paper decorations such as paper bats, black cats, witches, owls, or spiders. This will make the class look like a ghost castle.

  • Cobwebs: Add cobwebs in the corner of the classroom. The cobweb can be made of white thread. Attach the fake spiders around the cobwebs.

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How to Motivate Children to Study During Halloween?

Halloween is the holiday season for kids so teachers need to provide motivation to get them excited about studying during Halloween. Therefore, use the following strategies to motivate children to learn during Halloween.

  • First, the teacher must integrate Halloween with the subject. So, make the lesson Halloween oriented. An example is combining reading lessons with Halloween. Teachers can use Halloween-themed storybooks or articles. Teachers can also use Halloween-themed worksheets to teach children to read and write. It will be an exciting lesson that is not boring.

  • Teachers must also ensure that all students stay focused on studying during Halloween. Many teachers think that changing the daily routine for Halloween will get kids excited about learning. That's wrong. The reason is, that children must continue to do their daily activities in class to be motivated to learn in class. However, the teacher can combine Halloween elements into the activity.

  • Because students cannot sit still, teachers can encourage their enthusiasm for learning through assignment cards. Assignment cards are cards that require student activity. So, each student must do the things written on the card. The cards were attached to the doors, walls, and windows of the classroom. So, students must move to be able to take those cards. Those cards can be played individually or in teams.

  • Give students praise after they have completed all class assignments. It will increase their motivation to learn in the course.

  • The teacher can also make a list of good behavior. Ask all students to practice good behavior in class.

  • One of the best ways to motivate students to study during Halloween is to do an arts or crafts project in class. So, they can make various Halloween-themed crafts while learning in class. After all students have finished making the craft, they can hang it on the wall. It will increase student motivation to learn.

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