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Jun 09, 2015
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What colors go well with polka dot alphabets?

Polka dot alphabet is very unique yet very common, especially for kids and children. It is because the shapes make children feel more fun to learn some words. Commonly, polka dot alphabets will be presented in black and white colors. Other than that, polka dot alphabets will be designed in white and other color combinations, for example, blue and white, red and white, or yellow and white. It is really rare to see alphabets colored by other colors. If you are interested to try, actually you can combine more colors. By experimenting with those, you will see which colors that can go well with the polka dot alphabets.  

What is the meaning of polka-dotted?

Some people say that polka dots are a kind of color. But, others also say that polka dot is a pattern. Those answers are nothing wrong. If you put colors into the polka dot alphabet, it can be said that the polka dot in the alphabet is colored. But, if you put a polka dot on the cloth, then you can say it is a pattern. Whether it is a pattern or a color, a polka dot is a round spot that is designed in a pattern. The idea is on the regularity of the consistency of the place, size, and position of the round spot.

What do polka dots represent?

Actually, there are some stories behind the polka dots. Either it is colored like in a polka dot alphabet or it is a pattern, polka dots represent much darker stories than it looks. Medieval Europeans spot the polka dot on cloth as diseases, like syphilis, bubonic plague, measles, or smallpox. Some people will see the polka dot also as a sign of bad conditions like tuberculosis or miscarriage. That happened in the late 15th century. After that, the representation of polka dots changed drastically. Now, the polka dot is the representation of fun and cheerful emotions like in the polka dot alphabet.

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What does the Polka mean?

Polka is actually a word in Czech. The word means Polish Women or the feminine version of Polak Pole. Then, Polka has a different meaning. The word was started defined and used firstly in 1825. The early definition of Polka is a hop-step-close-step dance from a Bohemian couple. Other than the dance, polka also has the meaning of the music used by the Polka dance. So, both dance and music can be referred to as Polka. Later that time, a pattern that has very similar origins with the dance became popular. That was then the birth of the polka dot.

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