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Updated on Apr 02, 2021
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Printable Password Log Sheets
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Printable Password Sheet
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What is Social Media and Its Impact?

Reporting to, social media is defined as the sharing of information and ideas through a virtual network. Social media has many types. If in the past we only knew Facebook and Twitter, now there are more and more social media. An example is TikTok.

Based on data provided by, as many as 94.8% of people in the world access social media chat or messaging apps. Meanwhile, 94.6% of social media users and 81.8% of people use search engines.

With this percentage, it's no wonder that social media, search engines, and messaging apps are an integral part of people's lives today. With this social media, did you know that there are various benefits and negative impacts caused by social media?

Regarding the benefits, social media can provide these positive impacts for its users.

  • Facilitate remote communication.
  • Facilitate the process of finding information.
  • Can be used as a great tool for marketing a business.
  • Provide entertainment for its users.
  • Social media can be used as a fun learning tool.


On the other hand, social media can also have some negative impacts on its users. What are the bad effects of social media?

  • Disturbing the mental health of its users, especially for people who are addicted to social media.
  • Social media triggers social jealousy. That's because people can see the life and happiness of other people on social media. This will create envy.
  • Social media can also make someone insecure and try to look like other people.
  • Social media can accelerate the spread of false information (hoaxes). Reporting from the journal PLoS One, the spread of hoax information on social media can cause other big conflicts.


In addition, the negative impact of using social media that is most often not realized by users is the hacking of personal data. Due to the ease of access to social media, your data has great potential to be hacked. So, that's why keeping personal data on social media is important.


Why Should You Protect Personal Data on Social Media?

Since the use of social media in society has increased, many social media companies have violated user privacy by spreading and selling user personal data to other parties. Based on an explanation in a book written by Rodgers Agoi in 2020, there are data mining companies that obtain various personal data from social media users. The data is used for advertising and making money.

In fact, personal data is user privacy and it should be properly guarded by social media companies. Not only the reasons above but also there are other reasons why keeping personal data on social media is important.

  • Personal data protection on social media is useful for preventing robberies in the real world. The reason is, there are many people who can see your social media and one of them has the potential to harm your life.

  • If you use social media for business, protecting account data is also important. That will prevent your business account from being hacked by other parties which can reduce your business reputation.


So, data protection on social media can prevent you from various potential crimes or criminal acts that you will get in the future.

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How to Secure Personal Data on Social Media?

To keep your personal data safe while on social media, the easiest way you can is to set your social media account to a private account. However, there are several other ways to protect your personal data on social media.

  • Use a strong password that is not easy for others to guess. The password must contain a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Do not tell the password to other people.

  • Another way is to use a VPN or Virtual Private Network when accessing social media. VPN is a service that allows internet users to have a secure connection to access the internet from their devices. This is important to do, especially if you access social media in a public space with a public wifi network.

  • You must also enable the data encryption feature. Currently, there are many social media applications that implement this feature. One of them is the messaging app, WhatsApp. Encryption is the process of securing data and information by converting text into other texts that humans cannot understand. So, the data encryption makes the data read randomly.

  • Enable 2-factor authentication or 2FA. It is an extra layer of protection to keep online accounts safe. So, 2FA requires a code to access social media accounts. The code will be sent by the system to an email or message on your phone. With this 2FA feature, your account will be safe from hackers who know your username and password.

  • You need to clear cookies periodically. The reason is, these cookies can make your internet activity easily tracked by other people who use the device.

  • Don’t give permission to other people or applications easily. Every time you install an application, there are permissions that you must give to the application. Well, you can only give permission to applications that are trusted and have received a high rating on the Play Store or App Store.

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