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Sep 30, 2020
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Printable Name Tracing Worksheets Preschool
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How Retrieval Practice Improve Learning?

Retrieval practice is a learning approach that focuses on obtaining information. The process of retrieval, or recalling knowledge, strengthens our memory for that information and makes forgetting less likely. Retrieval practice is an effective approach for enhancing academic performance that does not require more equipment, money, or class time.

To increase learning, we must look at it through a different lens: instead of focusing on getting knowledge "in," let us focus on getting information "out."

Retrieval practice is a process in which recalling knowledge improves and accelerates learning. Actively recalling information requires us to draw our knowledge "out" and assess what we know. For example, we may have thought we knew who the eighth President of the United States was, but we can't be sure unless we attempt to figure it out ourselves. We frequently believe we have learned something, only to discover that we are unable to recall the solution.

This "battle" or difficulty is precisely what enhances our memory and learning; by attempting to recollect material, we train or develop our memory, and we may also uncover holes in our learning.

How to Practice Retrieval Practice

To begin, utilize retrieval practice to involve all pupils rather than just the one being called on. Second, remember that retrieval practice is a learning tool, not an assessment opportunity. Finally, always offer feedback.

1. Colorful index cards or clickers

Clickers, also known as "personal response remotes," are an interesting tool to perform retrieval exercises, assisting pupils in recalling material from memory. Is it necessary to utilize clickers? No! Although clickers provide the most immediate feedback for both the student and the teacher, the key to a retrieval exercise is to involve pupils in retrieving facts from memory.

Paper and pencil quizzes, as well as computer- or web-based quizzes, can be utilized to achieve the same retrieval practice purposes as clickers. Please keep in mind that clickers and online quizzes may require you to compose retrieval questions ahead of time.

Alternately, each student might have their own set of colored index cards with the letters A, B, C, and D (or true or false, or 1, 2, 3, and so on) written on them. You can pose a question (on the fly) in this manner, and students can close their eyes while raising the proper index card to indicate their response. It's a simple, low-cost alternative to employing clickers, and it allows you to deliver rapid feedback once pupils reply.

2. Exit Tickets or Bell Work

Distribute little slips of paper with questions on class subjects to students as they enter the classroom ("bell work") or as they leave the classroom ("exit tickets") at the start of class.

It may even be something as easy as a writing prompt (for example, "Write down everything you remember from the prior class"). This engages students in retrieval practice while allowing you to focus on teaching, but don't forget to provide feedback!

3. Dry Erase Markers on Page Protectors

Put a page protector with a piece of paper or cardboard inside. This serves as a low-cost "dry-erase board" for each pupil. You can ask a question, and kids can jot down an answer—even a brief one—on their board. Again, you may scan the room quickly and offer relevant input.

According to Washington University research on retrieval practice, they train and develop memory by employing retrieval practice as a learning approach and not as an assessment instrument. This enhancement in memory and long-term learning is flexible, which:

  • improves students' sophisticated thinking and application abilities.
  • improves students' information organization
  • improves students' knowledge transfer of new ideas


In summary, retrieval exercises improve comprehension as well as memorization. Students can adapt their knowledge to new scenarios, fresh questions, and relevant settings because they have a greater comprehension of the course material since they have experienced utilizing it.

Printable Preschool Name Writing Worksheets
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Printable Preschool Name Worksheets
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Printable Tracing Worksheets Preschool
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The Common Difficulty in Learning

When we think about learning, we usually think about putting knowledge into kids' skills. Instructors may speak, present films, urge students to take notes, and/or distribute review papers. Students frequently study by rereading their textbooks, underlining important information, and/or going over their notes.

In each of these cases, the emphasis is on getting information "in," with the goal that it will stick. We've all had the experience of believing that these approaches work—if I cram, re-read, and review the notes, I'm rather convinced that I understand the material.

The issue is that these procedures only produce short-term results. Have you ever asked a student about a topic you covered earlier in the semester, only to discover that they'd forgotten almost everything?

This typical predicament derives from a misconception regarding memory: we believe that if knowledge comes readily to mind and feels "fluent," we have learned well. Memory experts have shown, much to our surprise, that the converse is true: when knowledge comes readily to mind and feels fluent, it is simple to forget. In other words, simply learning something quickly and readily does not guarantee that we will remember it.

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