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Sep 21, 2022
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Printable Butterfly Name Tags
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What kind of theme I can use for the kindergarten name tags template?

The first day of school allows you to do the name tags project to let everyone know each person's name. Before jumping into the making process, there are things you need to prepare. Setting the theme is important. For the kindergarten, you need to choose the kid-friendly ones. Here are some theme ideas about the kindergarten nametags you can adopt for your students.

Turning their tags into the kids’ favorite characters from Disney movies is such a great idea. In this case, you can take the survey first to know what kind of characters they love. After gathering the characters, you can continue to print them.

To make the students involved in the making process, give them the blank template of Disney characters along with the box for name cutouts. Let the students to coloring the template while also writing their names on the tags. Continue with sticking both together and place it in their chest.

Animals would be a great theme to involve. You can apply the same method of making the survey first. Therefore, in this project, you need to pick the template for kid-friendly animals template. The cartoon ones would look amazing. You can also pick the animal body as the name tag's background instead of only using it as the embellishment.

As a result, many kinds of name tag themes you can select for kindergarten. Disney characters and animals would great in terms of appearance. Using the theme characters makes the kids able to participate in the making process. That is by coloring and writing their name on it.

How can I DIY a wooden name tag?

If you are looking for a vintage design of name tags, you can go with wooden materials. This kind of name tag suits to place on your desk and also as a gift tag. If you considering making a handmade with wood-based material, here’s the tutorial that might inspire you.

Prepare the materials such as the wooden board, stencil, and paint. For the wooden board, you can choose from bamboo, maple, and cherry wood as your option. Customize the stencil as the style you want to create. Provide the stencil for the logo if needed.

If you also come up with the writing stencil, it is still allowed to have an artistic name tag. Meanwhile, for the paint, choose the light watercolor which is great for the small wooden size. 

First, you need to make sure that the wooden board is smooth enough for you to name a name tag. Next start making the name tag cutout out of the wooden board. Stick the stencil into the wooden. You can draw it first using a pencil. Start with the image first then continue with the name.

Continue to transfer the image and the name using a small brush. For the color, you can choose black or brown for the basic. Let the paint dry and your wooden name tag is ready to use.

Printable Name Tags for Cubbies
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Where can I place the name tags?

If you meet new people and you haven’t introduced each other, you still can know their names based on the name tags. This is the importance of name tag use. Therefore, corporate often uses these or ID cards that each employee wear. When it comes to naming tags, it consists of several types based on the use.

A chest card is a name tag that commonly seen worn on the chest. This kind of name tag is commonly worn by employees and students. It can be the fabric-based that stitch directly on the clothes and the ones that are manually placed using the pins.

Gift tags often include a box for writing names. For this one, it is commonly placed on the outside gift wrap such as the handle. The appearance will be in various shapes circular, rectangular, and many more. It also has a string to connect the gift and the tags.

It can be seen on the kindergarten bookshelf. During the first day of school, the teacher will arrange the project to make name tags which they can place on the bookshelf and their desk.

The bookshelf tags are used to avoid they place their belongings in other students’ places.

The desk tags are used to make friends and teachers familiar with each student’s name and also as a sign where the student seat.

Other kinds of tags can be found on the place card, accessories, keychains, and so on. The use of name tags could be important. It can be used for many purposes below.

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