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Updated on Nov 10, 2022
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How can I build quick place cardholders for a Thanksgiving meal?

Are you happy with a basic Thanksgiving cardholder exactly like that? Would you like to make some lovely Thanksgiving-themed changes to your table card holder? If so, this card holder for a Thanksgiving turkey made out of leaves and clothespins would be the best option. Additionally, to create accessories for this DIY project, you can utilize fallen maple leaves from the trees outside your home. This is also can be created with simple stuff around your house to make it more friendly budget and apply some sort of recycling method.

Supplies required to assemble a turkey card holder:

  • Real or fake fall leaves
  • Big clothespins
  • Small googly eyes
  • Orange paper
  • Clear craft glue
  • Glue gun

Steps to make a turkey card holder:

  • The eyes are first attached to the clothespin using clear craft glue. In order to pin your place card there, turn the clothespin so that the clamp side is facing forwards.
  • Take clear craft glue to bind the little square of orange-colored paper that will serve as the beak.
  • After that, place three layers of the leaves into the clothespin and secure them with the glue gun.
  • Names of your guests should be written or printed, and they should be attached with clothespins. These Thanksgiving place card holders go perfectly with the bigger clothespins, which stand up on their own with ease.


What kinds of Thanksgiving decorations can you construct with wood slices?

As Thanksgiving day approaches, you must be prepared for a lavish feast with family, friends, and even relatives. Place cards, for example, are essential elements that must be presented at the dinner table due to the large number of guests who will be attending. As a pointer for where the guest whose name is printed on the place cards can seat, the place cards themselves are used.

In reaction, you can create adorable DIY place cards to brighten up the dinner table on that special day. The quick and easy turkey place cards constructed from wood slices are an illustration of a place card you can make on your own or with the kids for crafting activities while practicing their motor skills on a watch.

Pay close attention to the prepared supplies and how to make them from place cards:

  • mini-slices of wood.
  • orange, white, gold, and red glitter washi tape.
  • googly Eyes.
  • floral wire
  • orange card stock  
  • glue sticks and a hot glue gun.

Steps to do:

  1. A 4-5 inch long piece of glitter washi tape should be trimmed. In the middle of the tape, halfway up, insert a length of florist wire that is 3–4 inches long.
  2. The wire should be wrapped inside a downward-folded section of tape. Create a feather form out of washi tape by cutting it out and cutting slits all the way around.
  3. Use hot glue to affix two googly eyes on the wood slice. The orange paper should be trimmed into a tiny triangle, and that should likewise be glued to the wood slice.
  4. Hot glue should be used to secure the feathers on the wood slice's backside.
  5. A thin piece of wood should be glued to the turkey's back. In addition to helping the turkey stand straight, this hides the area where the feathers were affixed.


At the Thanksgiving table, that is how a cute place cardholder looks. The guests' names only need to be printed on cardstock, trimmed out, and secured to a toothpick.

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What Thanksgiving wishes are commonly found on tags for the holiday?

Depending on the type of rope used—hemp rope, jute rope, or ribbon—the tags can be embellished in various ways. Regarding the paper, the decoration in question may be printed on any kind of paper, including plain paper, glossy paper, and cardstock paper.

Despite the fact that the context is Thanksgiving, it turns out that the text within the tags also contains a variety of other sayings in addition to the decorations. In order to fit in that are so practically small in size, the words stated within those tags are typically short words. Additionally, the content stated in it is primarily written in the manner of writing like:

  • Happy Thanksgiving
  • Thankful for you!
  • Thankful for you, we appreciate all you do!
  • Any way you slice it, we are grateful for you!
  • Gobble till you wobble
  • Happy Fall-days
  • Just a little Thanksgiving treat for someone so sweet
  • Just a little autumn treat for someone extra sweet
  • Happy Thanksgiving to the coolest turkey!
  • Happy fall! and so on.

So, you might say that those are a few of the Thanksgiving wishes that are listed on the tags. Depending on your preferences, you can create a variety of statements and decorations. Add another touch with some sticker sets for more fun to sparks on your gift box. Kids would love to see some

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