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Feb 28, 2023
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Dr. Seuss Hat Template
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Dr. Seuss or Theodor Seuss Geisel is an illustrator and author of a children's book. He is an American citizen who has published more than 60 books that have been published into various languages. In fact, there are some books that have been used as films.

Although very famous, not many people know about Dr. Seuss. The addition of the title "Dr" in his name does not mean that he is a doctor. That is just a deliberate way to give a good impression of his name. However, he obtained an honorary doctorate in the field of Humane Letters in 1956 given by Dartmouth.

How is The Story of Dr. Seuss' Career Journey?

Dr. Seuss is a writer and illustrator of children's books that created many strange characters. Some of his famous books that are widely known by children in the United States are The Cat in The Hat and Green Eggs and Ham.

There are 48 children's and adult books that have been written by Dr. Seuss. In fact, all of his books became bestsellers on the market. All books written by him have sold more than 200 million copies with translations in various languages and sold throughout the world. One of the characteristics of Dr. Seuss is an odd rhyme and a strange main character.

Although all the characters made by Dr. Seuss are quite strange, all the main characters can be accepted by the public. After successfully graduating from Dartmouth College, Dr. Seuss continued his studies at Oxford University. Well, when he was still studying at Dartmouth College, Dr. Seuss worked as an editor for school magazines.

There, Dr. Seuss met with Helen Palmer, his wife. Helen Palmer is a person who is able to motivate Dr. Seuss to become an illustrator. When he had completed his education, Dr. Seuss returned to the United States and worked as a cartoon maker for magazines and advertisements.

Actually, his first book has been rejected by 20 publishers. However, the persistence of Dr. Seuss received results in 1937, the book was successfully published.

The first best-seller book from Dr. Seuss is The Cat in The Hat. Then, the book was published 20 years later in 1957. In the book, Dr. Seuss created the character of a cat. He wrote the book with only 220 vocabularies from readers according to the request of the publisher.

The request is considered a new thing that can be a type of new reading book for children. Because at that time all the children's reading books seemed boring.

What Are The Deepest Meanings of Dr. Seuss' Stories?

Not only reading Dr. Seuss, and uncovering the deeper meanings in Dr. Seuss's Books is also an interesting thing that can be done by book lovers. Here are some of the meanings in the books by Dr. Seuss.

  • The Cat in The Hat is the meaning of rebellion in fighting authority. This book is also used as a medium to realize children's imagination. Dr. Seuss wrote this book as part of his alter ego.

  • Yertle The Turtle gives meaning to the abuse of power, cruel and rough treatment of others, imperialism, symbols of Hitler or Moussolini, and greed.

  • Lorax's book illustrates global warming, minority, negative impacts of human actions
    on the environment, and anti-industry.

  • Green Eggs and Ham tells about persistence, stubborn attitudes, and open thoughts.

  • How The Grinch Stole Christmas gives the meaning of materialism and consumerism.

Dr. Seuss Hat Template
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What are The Recommendations for Children's Books by Dr. Seuss?

There are many children's books that have been written by Dr. Seuss. All of these books are very good for children and teenagers. Here we give 5 recommendations for the best children's books by Dr. Seuss that must be read.

  1. Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?

    This book was published in 1973 and tells the story of a child who meets a wise old man in the Desert of Drize. The wise men's stories written in the book are very funny. 

  2. The Sneetches and Other Stories

    This book tells the story of two groups of Sneetches who have physical differences. Because they want to be considered equivalent to Sneetches who have a star sign in the stomach, one group of Sneetches trying to get that sign.

    However, they must get it by paying a high price to Sylvester McMonkey McBean. He is a capitalist who wants to take advantage of the two groups.

  3. Oh, The Thinks You Can Think

    This book is one of the books from the Beginner Books Series. The sentence written in the book is briefly made like poetry. There is also a unique illustration displayed in the book.

  4. Oh, The Places You'll Go!

    This is the last book written by Dr. Seuss. This book is a summary of Dr. Seuss life. This book allows readers to chat about various adventures that will be experienced by young people.

    However, there are still various colorful illustrations presented in the book. Funny characters are also displayed in the story in the book. So, this book can give us advice in a unique way.

  5. I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew

    The main character in this book is a cat figure who experiences various problems. So, the character must take a heavy journey to a new place called Solla Sollew to get a life that is free from problems.

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