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Updated on Feb 21, 2023
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Printable Boy Paper Doll Cutouts
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How was the paper doll invented?

The origins of paper dolls are somewhat shrouded in mystery, with different cultures and civilizations each having their own unique versions and variations of the toy. However, the concept of paper dolls as we know them today is generally considered to have been popularized during the 19th century.

One of the earliest known examples of paper dolls was found in England, where paper figures with separate clothing were used by children to play dress-up. These paper dolls were often hand-drawn and hand-cut, with each piece of clothing being a separate piece that could be added and removed.

As printing technology advanced and became more widely available, paper dolls became more commercially produced and widely distributed. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, paper dolls were a popular form of entertainment for both children and adults, and many different sets were produced, ranging from historical figures to movie stars.

In addition to their popularity as a toy, paper dolls were also seen as a way to encourage creativity and imagination in children. They allowed kids to play and explore different styles, personalities, and scenarios, helping to develop their cognitive and emotional skills.

As a result, paper dolls have a long and fascinating history, and have played a significant role in the development of play and entertainment for generations. Whether you're a fan of the traditional, physical versions or prefer the digital versions that are available today, there's no denying the enduring appeal and popularity of paper dolls.

What crafts I can make from a doll paper template?

There are many different crafts that you can create using a boy paper doll template. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Dollhouse

You can use the template to create a miniature dollhouse and furniture. Cut out the paper dolls and create rooms and furniture in different styles to create a unique and creative one.

  1. Storybook

Use the paper dolls to create a storybook. Write a story that features the paper doll characters, and illustrate each page with the dolls and different scenes.

  1. 3D Scenes

Cut out the paper dolls and use them to create three-dimensional scenes. You can use cardboard, foam board, or other materials to create a diorama or shadow box, and position the paper dolls to create different scenes.

  1. Clothing and Accessories

Create different clothing and accessories for the paper doll using different materials, such as fabric, paper, and felt. You can even create seasonal outfits for the doll, such as swimwear for summer or a winter coat and scarf for winter.

  1. Greeting Cards

Use the paper doll template to create unique and personal greeting cards. Cut out the dolls and add your own personal touches, such as handwritten messages or decorative elements, to create a special and meaningful card for a friend or family member.

From dollhouses to greeting cards, the possibilities are endless. Let your imagination run wild and have fun creating something truly unique and special.

Printable Paper Doll Templates
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Boys Paper Doll Body Template
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Paper Doll Template
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How many types of dolls are there?

Dolls have been a popular form of play and entertainment for generations and come in many different types and styles. Here are some of the most popular types of dolls:

  1. Baby Dolls

These dolls are designed to look like infants or toddlers, and often come with realistic features such as soft bodies and realistic facial expressions. Baby dolls can be used to encourage nurturing and caring behaviors in children, and are a popular choice for younger children.

  1. Fashion Dolls

Fashion dolls are designed to look like teenage or adult women, and often come with a variety of clothing and accessories. Fashion dolls can be used to encourage imaginative play and creativity, and are popular with both girls and boys.

  1. Action Figures

These kinds of dolls are typically designed to look like characters from popular movies, comic books, or video games. Action figures often come with accessories and are designed for play and display. They are popular with both children and adults and are often collected by fans of specific franchises.

  1. Teddy Bears

Teddy bears are soft and cuddly toys designed to look like bears. They are often used as comfort toys and are popular with children and adults alike. Teddy bears come in many different styles and sizes, and are often customized with clothing, accessories, and embroidered names.

  1. Collectible Dolls

Collectible dolls are dolls that are produced in limited quantities and are intended to be collected and displayed. These dolls are often made of high-quality materials and are designed to be lifelike and realistic. Collectible dolls are popular with adult collectors and can be quite valuable.


There are many different types of dolls, each designed to offer a unique form of play and entertainment. Whether you prefer soft and cuddly teddy bears, stylish fashion dolls, or collectible dolls, there is a doll out there for everyone. Choose one and start your collections today!

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