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Apr 01, 2022
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Simple Easter Bunny Coloring Pages
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Busy Kids on Easter: Games to Play Together

The entire family looks forward to Easter every year. In addition to the large feast and the gifts for the children, enjoyable activities are also important. The traditional Easter egg hunt is undoubtedly the highlight of Easter’s celebration, however, you should also have plenty of other games and entertainment ready to make everyone entertained.

  • Easter Bingo. With an Easter bingo game set that you can get from a local store or Amazon, children may have a lively game of the holiday.

  • Easter coloring activities. With some crayons and creative coloring posters themed around Easter, get tiny hands occupied while they wait for lunch.

  • Rabbit piñata. To surprise the children, create a piñata of a rabbit before D-day. The piñata can be filled with a variety of popular Easter candies, and on the big day, you can just sit back and let the attendees run wild.

  • Easter charades. By acting out well-known Easter symbols and objects, such as rabbit and plastic eggs, both children and adults will be pleasantly amused.

  • Rabbit bowling at home. Wooden pins are a cheap, kid-friendly craft material that can be easily transformed into adorable rabbits using materials you most likely already own at home.

  • Easter Sack Race. With this exciting party idea, you may spice up your typical potato sack race for Easter.


Potato sack racing history

Due to its ease of performance and minimal skill required to win, potato sack racing is a timeless and extremely old party game that continues to be widely played today.

This extremely easy game first appeared in 1967. When the parents of a small farm kid couldn't get any games tools for his birthday, the parents made the visitors stand in empty potato sacks and raced them. This is how potato sack racing was founded.


The rules

Here is the step-by-step tutorial for your kids if you wanted to make such an engaging game to be a part of your Easter celebration.

  1. Position everyone in potato sacks.
  2. To begin the race, line up at the starting position.
  3. To get the finish line first, always hop the entire distance while holding the sack.


Making the Egg Hunt Entertaining

Think about changing the contents of the eggs to create an Easter egg hunt more entertaining. Try searching in groups, going on relay hunts, or upping the difficulty by designating people to different colors or patterns. After all, use your imagination to come up with unique Easter egg hunt concepts.

Easter egg hunts: What are they?

A game called an Easter egg hunt involves hiding colored eggs of all sizes and shapes in different locations for kids to discover. The eggs can be real or artificial hard-boiled eggs, stuffed with or fashioned of chocolate candies. Both inside and outdoors are possible locations for the game.

In an age-appropriate manner, the eggs are concealed to avoid making finding and retrieving them overly challenging. Easter egg hunts are usually held by churches and schools on a Saturday, a day before, or about a week two before Easter, on such an outdoor lawn, with areas set aside for different age groups so that younger children won't be left out by older kids.

Rewards for finding the most eggs, the most eggs of a chosen color, settlement rewards, surprise rewards, etc. might well be awarded after the game is over. One or two rare eggs frequently include a special gift. Commercial establishments and neighborhood sellers may provide vouchers for a free dinner, etc. that will be concealed within only a few eggs.

The background of the Easter egg hunt

Children thought that the Easter hare placed eggs in the meadow, hence the tradition of an Easter egg hunt was born. It was traditional in South German folklore to include extra challenges in the game by hiding them among thorns or nettles in difficult-to-reach locations.

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Easter eggs rolling

The game of egg rolling is highly widespread in England and is played on Easter Monday. Eggs that have been hard-boiled are rolled down a slope. Each location has its own traditions. The egg that rolls the furthest endures the most rolls, or is rolled between two pegs is the winner. Dolly Madison, a celebrated party hostess in the United States in the early 1800s, hosted an egg roll in Washington.

Additionally, D.C. Dolly Madison was the fourth American President's wife. She encouraged the kids in Washington to roll hard-boiled eggs down the sloping lawn of the new Capitol building since she'd heard that Egyptian kids used to roll eggs against the pyramids!

With the exception of the American Civil War, this remained. However, because of complaints from officials that the celebration was damaging the Capitol grass, the Egg Roll was transferred to the White House in 1880.

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