Printable Christmas Trivia Questions And Answers

Apr 14, 2010
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Printable Christmas Song Trivia
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How to Play Candy Can Hook Game?

This game has been proven from its fun. You only need 10 to 15 or more candy canes and put them in a bowl. Then, you can set the height of the table, depending on the level of difficulties you put into the game. It's easy to start the game; just hold one candy cane with your mouth. Next, hook the other candy from the bowl as much as you can. Finally, the winner is the one who can pick up the candies in a short time.

How Many Ghosts Visited Ebenezer Scrooge?

There are, in fact, 4 ghosts who visited him before he went to bed that day after he rejected all Christmas-related invitations. The first ghost was Jacob Marley, an old companion for his business who died 7 years ago. He showed him about greediness and what it impacts him in the afterlife. More and more ghosts came to him one after another. The second ghost was the Ghost of Christmas Past. It showed him to his past life, including when he was left out by his former fiance. The third ghost is the Ghost of Christmas Present, where he saw how pitiful was Tiny Tim, Bob Cratchit's ill son. The fourth ghost is the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, who showed him his miserable funeral.

Christmas Movie Trivia Printable
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Printable Christmas Games Trivia and Answers
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Printable Christmas Trivia Questions
Printable Christmas Trivia Questionsdownload
Easy Christmas Trivia Questions and Answers
Easy Christmas Trivia Questions and Answersdownload

What Are Activities to Do on Holiday Season?

Of course, you must do something fun during the holiday season like Christmas. You can visit a tree lighting ceremony and listen to the carols at the event. If you are late for that event, you can still go to another Christmas festival around your area. You can also make your own Christmas gift or help your friends wrap the gifts and write a letter to each of them. There are a lot of people out there who love Christmas music. How about making a playlist of Christmas songs?

How to Play Reindeer Games with more Fun?

There are a lot of reindeer-themed games you can play with your siblings or friends. You can play pass the antler, which you pass with music following and stop doing it if the music is turned off. You can also pass the red nose if you don't have the antler. But, to play this pass the red nose, you need a larger audience and bags to fill with one red nose. To burst laughter, you can connect the name of one reindeer with another sentence to make a story. It is possible to play reindeer trivia, since learning about animals is interesting, isn't it?

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