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Sep 24, 2020
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General knowledge about birds

The primary characteristic that sets apart birds from all other creatures is their feathers, which are unique among the more than 10,400 existing species.

To provide a more comprehensive explanation, it would be necessary to state that birds, which are warm-blooded creatures, possess biological traits that are more akin to reptiles than mammals. They also have a four-chambered heart similar to that of mammals, wings formed from forelimbs, much like bats, lay hard-shelled eggs, and rely heavily on their sharp eyesight, which is their primary sense, to gain an understanding of their environment.

In addition to having a narrow hearing spectrum, they have a weak sense of smell. The majority of birds prefer to be active throughout the day. Fossil remains have allowed for the identification of more than 1,000 extinct species.

What does the mythological bird represent?

Birds and their feathers have been used as a symbol for several things throughout history, including life, death, luck in love and other endeavors, the future, and the past. A crow may portend bad luck, whereas a blackbird may portend well. Black feathers are magical and may denote supernatural prowess as well as unfavorable fortune.

What drives bird migration?

Migration is the movement of birds from low-resource or resource-decreasing places to high-resource or resource-growing ones. Food and places to build nests are the two main commodities sought after.

Birds that breed in the Northern Hemisphere typically travel northward in the springtime in hopes of making use of the number of nesting sites, springing plants, and expanding insect populations. The birds relocate southward once more when winter draws near and the supply of insects and other food sources decreases. The desire to avoid the cold is a driving force, yet many species, like hummingbirds, can survive in subfreezing conditions if they have access to enough food.


With the majority of species measuring between 3" and 5", hummingbirds are part of the Trochilidae family, which includes some of the tiniest birds. Their long, thin bills are shaped like needles and are designed for penetrating deeply into tubular blooms to retrieve honey.

In terms of food, it eats nectar from flowers (red is the preferred color), small insects like aphids and spiders, pollen, and sap. Hummingbirds can also enter a deep state of sleep known as "torpor," during which their breathing and heartbeat become incredibly sluggish. The metabolic rate may fall to 1/5 of normal when this occurs, especially in cold weather.

Hummingbirds may communicate with one another using a range of calls, chips, chatters, and squeals. Every species of hummer has its unique "language" to warn other hummers or to fight "invaders" of their feeding territory.

They migrate twice a year: once in the spring and once in the fall. Hummingbirds must travel great distances to dwell in a location that is warm and has an abundant food supply, so migration is always difficult for them.

How do birds navigate on their own?

Throughout their annual migration, migratory birds can travel thousands of kilometers, frequently following the same path with little change. Birds that migrate for the first time as adults frequently do it alone. They return the next spring to their birthplace despite never having visited their winter residence.

The sun, the stars, and the earth's magnetic field can all provide birds with compass information. Together with landmarks observed during the day, they also use the sun's position to their advantage. Even the sense of smell may be important, for homing pigeons, according to some data.

When migrating yearly, some species, such as cranes and waterfowl, travel along preferred routes. These routes frequently lead to significant rest stops where the birds can get food stocks that are necessary for their continued existence.

Birds that are smaller have a tendency to travel across the terrain on broad fronts. According to studies based on eBird data, numerous small birds travel in different directions in the spring and fall to reap the benefits of variations in the weather and food stocks.

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The five primary bird types

Read the explanation below to learn more about different bird types.

  • This is the largest gathering of birds on the planet. These birds' shared capacity to sing is their most distinguishing feature. Crows, ravens, house sparrows, and blue jays are a few examples of common songbirds.
  • Birds of prey or hunters. Fast flyers typically include birds of prey. To catch fish, they can use their large, sharp talons and sharp bills. Hawks, eagles, owls, and ospreys are some examples of common birds of prey.
  • Sea birds. Some birds reside on or near the ocean their entire lives and feed on fish. Common seabirds include pelicans, cormorants, petrels, albatrosses, and seagulls.
  • Water Birds. Instead of living near the ocean, aquatic birds reside nearby. They float on the water and consume aquatic plants, fish, frogs, or other tiny animals. Ducks and geese are a few common aquatic birds.
  • Wading Birds. They may spear fish and other creatures with their long, pointed bill, which they typically have. They can be seen traveling across marshes looking for food. Egrets and herons are two examples of common wading birds.

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