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Updated on Apr 25, 2023
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What is Meant by God's Love?

When talking about God's love, there are several meanings associated with it.

  1. God's Love is Action

    God's love must be proven by real actions. God has given everyone the opportunity to give love to others. However, there are still many people who are selfish. Therefore, you can feel God's love when you care for others even with small actions.

  2. God's Love is Commandment

    God commands all humans to love one another. You will get God's love when you can give affection to others.

  3. God's Love is Commitment

    We will get great God's love if we can also give great love to others. So, our relationship with others also affects our relationship with God. You must have the commitment to give love to others.

  4. God's Love is a Choice

    Giving love to others is a choice. Actually, humans have free will to choose to give affection or not. God also has the same way of loving humans. God has the right to love humans or not.

How Can Celebrate God's Love Bring Happiness?

By adopting a way of life that is based on God's commandments, we will be able to feel God's love. When our life is filled with God's love, we can see everything from a different perspective. We can interpret all things more wisely. In addition, we can also endure all suffering, pain, fear, and forgiveness.

If humans have high inner strength, humans will be able to live life calmly. When we are calm, we can give a good attitude to people. That is a reasonable explanation regarding how celebrating God's love can bring happiness and fulfillment.

How to Show God's Love to Others?

To feel happiness, humans should be able to show an attitude that reflects God's love for others. Here are some ways you can show God's love to others.

  1. Giving Chocolate to Neighbors

    When you have a problem, neighbors are the first people to know about it. Therefore, establishing good relations with neighbors is an important thing to do.

    You can give chocolates with sweet messages to your neighbors. Give those chocolates at important moments. For example at Easter or Christmas.

  2. Donate Books and Bookmarks

    Choose the books that tell about God's love. Donate the book to a non-profit organization. Don't forget to give bookmarks to those books. In that way, the people who receive books from you will be able to read and understand God's love.

  3. Put Balloons in The Garden

    You can make sweet messages showing God's love to others. Write the message on a piece of paper and place it in the balloon. Then, place the balloon in the garden. Give a string to the balloon and tie the string to the garden chair. The people in the garden will read that sweet message.

  4. Donate Food to The Food Bank

    Another way to share God's love with others is by donating food to a food bank. God also asked His people to give food and clothes to poor people. It can be seen in the Bible, Matthew 23: 31-46.

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Praise God Coloring Pages
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How Can You Teach Children about God's Love?

You can also teach children about God's love. There are some easy ways to teach them about it. Besides using coloring templates with praises words for God, one way is to use children's stories. Here are some examples of children's stories that can teach children about God's love.

  1. The Story of Job

    The story of Job in the Bible can teach children about faith in God. From Job's life story, children can learn to give God's love even though God is giving them many problems. Job received a great gift from God after experiencing various kinds of losses. It shows that problems given by God are God's way of loving humans.

  2. The Story of John

    The story of John is also in the Bible. This story focuses on the baptism process. Use terms that are easier for children to understand because repentance is a topic that is quite difficult for children to understand.

    The story of John tells about the way John asked the people of Israel to do baptisms together. From this story, children can understand that God can always accept and love His people who have any sin, as long as that person is willing to repent.

  3. The Story of The Ant and The Cocoon

    This story is often told in Sunday school. This story tells about various animals that live in the forest. One day, there was a storm that occurred in the forest. Many trees fell, causing some animals to die.

    The storm stopped in the morning. Then, an ant came from the ground. The ant saw a cocoon on a broken leaf branch. Then, the ants mocked the cocoon.

    A few days later, the ants went for a walk and accidentally stepped on the mud. The ant was stuck in the mud so the ant couldn't move. Then, the ant screamed for help. Then, there was a butterfly flying over the ant. The butterfly is a butterfly that was teased by ants.

    The butterfly helps the ant. Finally, the ant apologized to the butterfly. Finally, they became best friends. From this story, children can get the message to always do good things for anyone. The reason is, God always loves all humans regardless of their weaknesses and strengths of humans.

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