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May 23, 2023
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Pokemon Pikachu Coloring Pages Printable
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How is the Development of Pokemon Games?

Pokemon is an acronym for Pocket Monsters. Pokemon is the biggest game franchise in the world created by Satoshi Tajiri. The idea for the Pokemon came to Tajiri in 1990. At that time, he knew that Game Boys could be connected to each other using cables.

From there, Tajiri came up with the idea for the Pokemon game to be launched in handheld console mode. Then, Tajiri submitted his idea to Nintendo. Nintendo approved the creation of the game even though Tajiri's idea was not fully included in the game. Because of that, Nintendo can improve its reputation as a game developer by releasing the Pokemon game.

Pokemon was officially released in February 1996. The first Pokemon released at that time were Pokemon Green and Pokemon Red. Initially, the game requires players to collect all 151 Pokemon.

After decades of being the biggest game franchise, Pokemon already has more than 100 games. After releasing Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green in 1996 in Japan, two years later the Pokemon were brought by Nintendo to the United States. There, Nintendo released Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Red. Both are Pokemon international versions of Pokemon Green and Pokemon Red. 

It didn't stop there, Nintendo also released Pokemon Yellow in 1998. The game was inspired by the Pokemon anime which was also released in the same year. To be the same as the anime, Pokemon Yellow is made similar to the anime version. So, the Pokemon can follow the players.

Then, Nintendo made Pokemon Gold and Silver in 1999. The new thing in the 1999 Pokemon version was the change of day and night which made the players feel like they were in the real world. Not only that, Pokemon Silver and Gold can also allow players to breed these Pokemon.

Here are Various Stories Behind The Famous Pokemons

Most Pokemon characters are inspired by animals in the real world. However, there are also Pokemon characters adapted from various mythological creatures. So, here are some of the stories behind Pokemon that captivated the world.

  1. Vulpix

    The first Pokemon that is well known to many people is the figure of a Pokemon with a body like a fox. There is an interesting story about this Pokemon character. So, Vulpix was inspired by the figure of the nine-tailed fox which is often told in various mythologies in the world.

    In Japan, the nine-tailed fox is called Kitsune. This fox figure has a manipulative character. They can change themselves into any form they want to deceive humans.

    Kitsune will grow one tail to reach 9 tails. When there are 9 tails, they will turn their feathers into white gold. That's what makes Vulpix able to change the color to gold.

  2. Froslass

    This Pokemon is inspired by a Japanese ghost, Yuki-onna. That ghost has a beautiful face and always wears a white kimono. Yuki-onna appears during winter. The ghost can make tourists who go up the mountain get lost.

  3. Manectric

    Shinto religious beliefs believe that the God of Thunder is always accompanied by a loyal animal named Raiju. It's a wolf. The wolf's body was covered in lightning.

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What are the Facts about Pokemon?

Pokemon is very popular in the world, especially since the existence of Pokemon Go in 2016. Not only used as a game but Pokemon is also used as an anime film and makes the figure of Pikachu one of the famous characters. However, there are some interesting facts about Pokemon that are still not widely known by people.

  1. Doubtful Evolution

    The Pokemon character named Ditto is a type of normal-bodied Pokemon whose evolution is unknown. Ditto can only transform into other Pokemon that are close to Ditto. So, when you want to change Ditto to its original form, you have to defeat other Pokemon characters first.

  2. Can Change Gender

    Azurill is a Pokemon that can change gender. So, female azurills can transform into male azurills and vice versa.

  3. Inspired by Salamanders

    There is a Pokemon character inspired by the Salamander. The Pokemon is named Charmander. It is a reptile Pokemon that comes from the dragon type. Charmander's tail can light up. This Pokemon will die when the fire in its tail goes out.

  4. Sleep

    There are also Pokemon characters who really like to sleep. That Pokémon is Snorlax. Because of that hobby, Snorlax can't fight like other Pokemon. So, Snorlax can only be used as a collection in the game. Snorlax has a body shape like a koala so Snorlax looks very adorable.

  5. Cat Character

    Not only the koala character but there is also a cat character in the Pokemon game. The character is named Meowth or often called Mew. Most people say that this Pokemon looks like a pink cat. However, its tail and ears are long so it looks like a rabbit.

  6. Electric Storm

    Zapdos is a Pokemon that can cause electrical storms. This Pokemon is actually inspired by birds. Zapdos' fur is yellow. In addition, this Pokemon also has sharp wings.

  7. Cubone

    Cubone is a type of Pokemon that has a sad story among other types of Pokemon. Cubone's mother has died and that's what makes Cubone very sad, especially on a full moon night.

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