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Mar 04, 2013
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Printable Alphabet Letter Patterns
Printable Alphabet Letter Patternsdownload

What is the alphabet A to Z?

The English language was firstly written in the 5th century. The early writing used the Anglo-Saxon future alphabet. Then, in the 7th century, there was a Latin script. After that, the alphabet developed into so many forms and compositions. Until now, it now consists of 26 alphabets. The alphabet is coming from a parent Proto-writing called Egyptian hieroglyphs. From that, there is the Proto-Sinaitic alphabet. Under the Proto-Sinaitic alphabet, there are the Phoenician alphabet, Greek alphabet, and the Old Italic script. So, the modern English alphabet is derived from Egyptian hieroglyphs a long time ago. Besides, the world alphabet is derived from the Greek alphabet, alpha, and beta.

Now, there are 26 letters, including alphabet designs. There are five vowels, those are A, E, I, O, and U. There are 21 consonants, those are B, C, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, S, T, V, W, X, Y, and Z. In modern English, the A and I are also considered as words. So, it can be used as a stand-alone. A long time ago, there was an alphabet after Z, it was ampersand (&). But it was removed in 1835. Meanwhile, a few years ago, there was an English alphabet called the Old English alphabet. It was firstly recorded in 1011. In that year, there were 29 alphabets consisting of 24 Latin alphabets and 5 English Letters.

What is the 24th alphabet?

Learning the origin of alphabets is really good both for kids and adults. It is because from there, you can also know how the words are formed in the past. For kids, alphabets are very important. There are so many methods used to teach alphabets to kids. One of them is by giving quizzes about the number of the alphabet. The kids will be asked about some alphabet designs. From there, kids will be asked what number the alphabet belongs to. Or, you can start by asking them one particular order of an alphabet. For example, you will ask them what the 24th letter in the alphabet is. Then they will answer with X.

Applique Letter Designs
Applique Letter Designsdownload

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Which is the best alphabet in English?

The best alphabets are always changing through time. There are always debates about that. The result is then each alphabet has its own good thing. But, from those many debates, there are some good conclusions. There is one best alphabet and alphabet designs among others. It is ‘Z’. Almost all words that have the letter z are always considered as the coolest. In fact, even if it is not spelled, the z letter will increase the quality of the words. And the second-best is F. It is because the letter can be used in so many situations.

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