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Updated on Oct 07, 2020
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Why does Alice in Wonderland become everyone's favorite?

There’s no doubt that Alice in Wonderland become a part of everyone's childhood life. A simple fairy tale that has thousands of message in it. The story started with the storyline, the characters, life lessons, and real-life adaptation but still become everyone’s fav.

Everyone’s nostalgia for their childhood. The appearance of Alice in Wonderland book in 1865 become entertainment for some people at that time. Told a story about a young, stubborn girl named Alice with her adventure, is an exciting book.

The other character besides Alice also become the reason why people love this book. Cheshire Cat, with the unsolved advice but has a wise saying. Also, there’s the Caterpillar who describes as a rude, strict, creature but he is actually always Alice. Sometimes people feel connected with the characters so that’s why they love the story.

The unique but weird things in the movie also caught people's attention. For instance, the “drink me” and “eat me” tags. Alice decides to drink and eat the food because of her curiosity which leads her into a mess. When she drank the potion, she unexpectedly grew, and after eating the biscuit, she was shrinking. Some people might see it as a reckless action, but another sees it as a reminder that there’s a way out of every mess that you made.

What is the message of the story behind Alice in Wonderland?

Alice in Wonderland tells about a young girl unexpectedly growing trapped in a Wonderland with unique creatures in it. Alice describes as a clueless and innocent young girl that came into the adult world. Unconsciously, Alice tells us how young kids see adult life as sometimes a seizure of power, greediness, and many social etiquettes.

It also shows Alice’s struggles to adapt to the different world that she usually lives in. It might be confusing and hard to understand, but what Alice did was face the strand with an open-minded and accept the creature's advice.

It gave the message that when it’s time to grow up, the world that you usually live in will be different from reality. Definitely, you can’t turn back the time when you were kids. The only thing to do is to accept and adapt to the transformation in growing up.

You might be stressed when accepting the change, but once can manage the situation you will live peacefully. That was what Alice did when Cheshire Cat said that everyone in Wonderland is mad. She tried to understand the weirdness and start to manage her feeling and the situation too.

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What are some other best-known Lewis Caroll books?

Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland (1865) and its sequel Through the Looking Glass (1871). As you know that the famous one, Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland is a best-known children's book written by Lewis Caroll.

There’s a difference between the title in the books and the movie. The movie title was Alice in Wonderland, while the book was Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It was originally written by Lewis Caroll (pen name) in 1865.

It was illustrated by Sir John Tenniel in the same year. Its place of publication was in Oxford; the original publisher was Macmillan. Now, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has been translated into more than 174 languages.

Approximately after 6 years, he wrote Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland and started to write the sequel named Through the Looking-Glass and what Alice found there. The movie and sequel book titles are also different.

The illustrator, publisher, and place publication are still the same as the first one. The Through the Looking-Glass and what Alice found there has been translated into more than 65 languages.

The sequel is dominated by the unexpected idea of Caroll, simply because he loves the idea of the kind of game. It is affected by his habit, that different from other people. He loves to do mirror-writing, and drew a person with a bead bigger than its body (clearly seen in The Red Queen”.

Some pages in this sequel are even printed in reverse. It was a unique and new idea but leads to trouble and the books price was too high. So only the Jabberwocky was reversed.

Is Alice in Wonderland based on a true story?

Due to its fame, people started to question those questions. They wondered if was Alice a real person. Yes, she was. Alice is Lewis’s best friend in his childhood named Alice Lidell. They even shared the same name!

The real Alice and the other Alice have the same character. Stubborn, eager to do something, and full of curiosity. Simply because Lewis writes the other Alice as the real Alice. Lidell has a short bob, and brunette hair and that’s totally different from the other Alice's appearance. That’s how Sir John illustrated her.

It was totally a fairy tale, so all the characters in the book, storyline, and event are fiction. Some places in the books really exist in these words. The story setting is based in London. So it might be described in the movie or even the books.

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