Kindergarten Printable 0-20 Halloween

Oct 14, 2021
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Why should kindergarten use the printable 0-20 Halloween?

There are a lot of topics that kindergartens need to know before they enter elementary school. One of these topics is about numbers. Of course, it also needs baby steps to memorize all numbers. After they know 0 to 10, let's continue up to 20.

Learn numbers

Now, they are already able to count the numbers outside of what their fingers carry. Let's level up the game, shall we? Obviously, they will learn about numbers after 0 to 10 gradually. 


After they read the numbers, you can continue writing the numbers, as well as the letters. Most 0-20 worksheets allow them to trace the numbers and alphabet of each number. 

Embrace Halloween in a different way

While they stay at home, there are activities they can do to celebrate Halloween. One of them is doing Halloween printable activities, namely coloring, reading, writing, and most importantly, counting.

How to teach kindergarten 0-20 Halloween?

That is very simple! We're glad to share with you the steps to make the 0-20 lesson is enjoyable. 

Firstly, you can give them worksheets about 0-20 with a Halloween theme. There are thousands and thousands of sources you can find on the internet. 

Secondly, use colorful sources so they can memorize the topic longer and with enthusiasm. Humans are visual learners.

In the last point, do it together with teachers and friends. It is supposedly less lonely, as they will build the talk to their peers.

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Should printable kindergarten 0-20 Halloween be free of charge?

Absolutely a yes! Printable kindergarten activities, especially when it teaches them numbers like 0-20 are supposedly at no cost. It should be accessible to anyone, especially these days, we are connected with the internet. People from every part of the world can get connected, then share their teaching methods.

You can get it free from online parenting websites and teachers' forums. There, you are able to ask the best way of approach. You can also get the free printables with 0-20 Halloween here. 

Where can we get more sources for kindergarten 0-20 Halloween?

Ask the teacher the best approach. Every child is different. But it is okay because they are unique. For instance, maybe they need a bit of sensory activity to learn 0-20. Hey, you can use plastic spiders for a quest game with the numbers. 

You might as well get a book that focuses on numbers for kindergarten students. The steps can include numbers 0-20. You can buy that online or in bookstores in the children's section. You probably need coloring utensils too.

What can you include in the Halloween bookmark craft kit?

Halloween could be a great time to make some money. Selling the craft kit would be awesome. Selling the craft kits only suppose you to gather the crafting materials. A Halloween bookmark is preferable. Here are the materials to include in your bookmark craft kit.

Start with the background first. Choose coloring paper with great quality. You can include 8 pieces of blank bookmarks with various colors that already have a hole on them.

For the embellishment, include the Halloween stickers such as the boo tags, ghost, pumpkin, witch hat, spider, black cat, and more. Add the beads in various colors as additional. Glue and tape also need to place on the package. Include the 8 twines as the complement. 

How do you arrange a Halloween sun catcher for kindergarteners?

The fall season is the right time for applying the Halloween theme to your classroom. Kindergarteners are always linked to crafting. If you want to arrange a crafting class for your students, a Halloween theme suncatcher would be awesome. Here’s how to arrange it.

Decide the Halloween template you going to use. Jack o lantern is such a great idea for this one. All you need to prepare are a printed Halloween jack o lantern template, colored tissue paper, glue, and transparent paper. Make a frame out of the template.

Continue with cut the transparent paper into the jack o lantern shape and inserting it into the paper template. Let the students stick the orange tissue paper on the jack o lantern. Dry it and tie the suncatchers with string so you’ll be able to hang them. place the suncatcher as a window decoration.

What can I involve in the Halloween math worksheet?

The theme of Halloween is versatile to place on the worksheet. Halloween symbols can be included in the math worksheet. The teacher can use Halloween symbols as the counting task for students.

They can make it more complex by adding the math formulas of subtraction, multiplication, and addition.

Color by number using multiplication is also included in the math worksheet. Arranging the students to color the Halloween symbols by counting the task first is such a great task to train them in counting and coloring.

Besides, the teacher also can make the students categorize the Halloween symbols and count each category. Count and draw include in the math worksheet too.

Create a worksheet that makes the students count the amount of Halloween symbols in a bunch of scramble pictures and draw the result as the amount.

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