Halloween Printable Activity Worksheets

Updated on Aug 03, 2023
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Printable Halloween Worksheets
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What Halloween activity worksheets can we give in language studies?


Doing crossword requires the students to write the answers in the boxes based on the pictures as the hint. The result is that they will be able to memorize the words around Halloween.

Reading comprehension

On Halloween, as you know, there are a lot of tales from many different settings. By reading, the students will pay attention to the plot and moral of the story, even the story is creepy.


Just like boardgame you play during Christmas, for Halloween-themed, you still need a dice and a group of people. While doing the game, too, you have to be actively asking for hints with your peers. 

Creative writing

If there are Halloween stories in books, then you can write one too to practice your language study. Writing a Halloween story uses imaginary dark and eerie characters and settings. 

How are the fun Halloween activity worksheets?

Cut and match the vampire’s face

Assembling a face can be fun when you put it in the wrong order, especially if it's the vampire's face. Luckily, he won't turn alive.

Playing spy

How many black cats are missing? Where are the candies that are scattered on the ground? Not only this game is challenging but it also amusing. 

Draw a monster

From your imagination, you can laugh yourself when thinking about the face of the monster on the worksheet. You are free to draw only 1 eye and half nose.

Word search

Both children and adults like a word brain teaser, like work search. There are a lot of sweet memories when finding the word that relates to your happy Halloween. 

Fun Halloween Printable Activities
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Fun Halloween Printable Activities
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Printable Halloween Activity Worksheets
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Printable Halloween Activity Worksheets
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What do we need to do for the Halloween activity worksheets?

Since we are going to use a lot of paper, we most probably need scissors, especially when it deals with a picture. Glue is somewhat a friend of the scissor in terms of crafting and such, but this time, it is optional because you can also use the double tape. Then, you need a pencil or pen to mark and write down the answers. Lastly, a nice and pristine room is one of the factors to motivate people to finish the Halloween activity worksheets.

When can we finish Halloween activity worksheets?

It depends on the circumstances when you do the Halloween activity worksheets. Take the case if it is in a classroom setting. The teacher will give a certain amount of time for them to finish the worksheets. But, if it is in a casual setting like at a Halloween home party, it can be at any time. 

How should the worksheet on Halloween sketching activities be completed?

Kids are encouraged to sketch the opposite half of Halloween-themed drawings in this entertaining exercise worksheet.

They can use their creativity and imagination and drawing skills to finish the entire image because half of the images are already shown in the template. The worksheet's images might include pumpkins, bats, spiders, and candy corn.

What idea can you use for the Halloween reading comprehension worksheet?

This worksheet, a Halloween activity that children may complete at home, can help them develop their reading skills. This reading comprehension worksheet gives children the opportunity to read a lovely story with a Halloween theme before responding to questions about it.

Since the theme of the worksheet is Halloween, the reading comprehension exercise should feature Halloween characteristics to help the students become fully engaged in the story. In addition, it is important for the questions in the worksheet to be related to the reading comprehension exercise.

How can a fake spider be used to spice up a Halloween game activity?

This game should be tried by all guests. Playing these spider races is undoubtedly really thrilling, especially if many individuals participate.

By purchasing some plastic spiders, anyone can engage in this game by lining them up along one table edge. To indicate the "finish line," apply some sticky tape to the opposite end of the table.

Find out who can blow their spider throughout the table and over the end of the race first by giving each participant a straw.

What simple activity is there for decorating a pumpkin?

For small hands, carving pumpkins is a challenging activity. For kids, painting them and adding sparkles and added accessories like wiggly eyes and beads is a much simpler method of decorating.

In addition, you can also provide each guest with their individual pumpkin, along with the paints and accessories they need to design it so they can make their own sparkle pumpkin decoration.

What does the Halloween spelling worksheet look like?

Given that it can be finished by the kids on Halloween night, this worksheet could be considered Halloween homework. This Halloween spelling worksheet allows children to practice their phonics skills.

In addition, children also can put their coloring and writing skills with the right letter that relates to each word's initial sound according to the image. The worksheet undoubtedly included Halloween-related words like "cat," "with," "spider," "moon," "bat," and even "ghost."

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