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Mar 27, 2023
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An Overview to Foxes

Foxes are very famous around the world. In fact, this one animal is smarter than other similar animals. Foxes are carnivorous animals. Foxes like to eat several types of animals such as rabbits, insects, and mice. 

Because it is an intelligent animal, the fox also has a unique way of storing food. So, foxes will bury their food in places where it is not visible. Then, they left marks there so they could recognize the place.

Foxes also have a special way of communicating with their group. They will make certain sounds that only other groups of foxes can recognize.

Foxes are also easy to adapt to various things. An example is when they don't find meat, the foxes can replace it with plants. If the weather is cold, they can also adapt by making a special layer on their bodies to keep their bodies warm.

Unfortunately, humans often do fox hunts. Usually, foxes are hunted for their fur. This is because fox fur is soft and thick, so it is very good for use as a coat. 

These are The Mythological and Cultural Significance of Foxes in Several Countries

The term mythology comes from Latin, namely mythologia. Mythology is a science in the form of literature that contains stories and concepts about the existence of gods and spirits in the past and is related to culture. It is also related to the origins of humans in the past. So, regarding exploring the mythological and cultural significance of foxes around the world, here are some countries with world-famous fox mythological stories.

  1. Greece

    Greece has a famous fox mythology, namely the Teumessos Fox. It was a giant fox that could never be caught. The fox was the child of Echidna and was sent by the gods to eat the children of Thebes. That's because a lot of crime occurred in the city.

    Later, Creon asked Amphitron to kill Teumessos. Amphitron asked Lailaps, a dog who also became a myth in Greece, to catch the fox. Because of that, Zeus turned Teumessos and Lailaps into stone.

  2. China

    In Chinese mythology, the fox demon or nine-tailed fox is known as hanzi or pinyin. This creature is a famous figure in Chinese mythology because the fox can become a good and evil demon. Hanzi can also change the shape into various other figures. One of them is a beautiful woman.

    This fox also appears in the Shanhaijing book, written by Guo Pu. That book explains that the presence of the nine-tailed fox is a good sign.

  3. Japan

    Fox demons in Japan are called kitsune. Kitsune is a demon who is powerful, intelligent, and has a long life. Kitsune or kyubi no kitsune type is a fox demon that has nine tails with golden white fur.

    In Japan, this fox demon also likes to change its form into a human. They always change their shape as a Japanese woman because most Japanese women are fox-like with slim faces, thin eyebrows, and high cheekbones.

  4. South Korea

    Gumiho is a fox demon who has become an urban legend in South Korea. Gumiho is very popular in that country and is believed to have lived for thousands of years. Usually, gumiho will appear as a beautiful woman.

    However, gumiho is a fox demon who likes to eat human hearts and livers. They do it to turn into humans. Because it is very famous, it often becomes a character in Korean dramas.

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5 Interesting Facts about The Red Fox

The fox is a cunning and intelligent figure in several cultures. However, in the real world, foxes are animals with unique characters. In particular, the red fox is said to have similarities with cats. Here we give you 5 interesting facts about the red fox.

  1. Short-lived Animals

    Did you know that red foxes have a short lifespan? This is explained by the American Expedition which states that red foxes can only survive for 2 to 4 years in the wild. However, their age can reach 10 to 12 years if living in captivity. The reason is, there are many predators from foxes. Some of them are wolves, eagles, lions, bears, and humans.
  2. Affectionate Animal

    Red foxes are not the kind of animals that like groups. So, they prefer to live alone. If in groups, they only do it for hunting.

    When the female is pregnant, the male red fox will continue to accompany the female fox, from pregnancy to raising their cubs. The males will also provide food to their cubs so they can hunt and live on their own.

  3. Changing Color

    Red foxes do not have this red coat color from birth. When newly born, the fox is gray or brown. Then, the color will change when they are more than one month old.

    Based on information from National Geographic, the red fox has many colors. Some of them are black, silver, reddish brown, and golden.

  4. Pet

    In the United States, red foxes can be kept as pets. However, because the red fox is an animal that has not been tamed like cats and dogs, a special method is needed.

  5. They are Like A Cat

    Red foxes are like cats. An example is the vertical and elongated pupil of the eye. They can also pull their claws inward so they don't get blunt easily. This is very interesting because actually, the fox is a Canidae or dog family, but the red fox actually has the same characteristics as cats from the Felidae family.

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