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Updated on Apr 01, 2022
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Frozen Easter Basket
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A Unique and Multifunctional Basket

There are lots of recommendations for woven baskets for kids that are easy to make and still fun. Some of them include breakfast baskets, spa baskets, gardening baskets, bookworm baskets, and art baskets.

Breakfast basket

You can use the breakfast basket to teach your children the discipline of food management. You can fill your basket with delicious breakfast items such as gourmet coffees and teas, homemade bread, jams and spreads, pastries, and fresh fruit. 

Spa basket

For mothers who have daughters, it would be great to spend spa time with your daughters. Therefore, a spa basket is useful for storing all your body and beauty care product needs. This basket can hold luxury bath and body products such as bubble baths, body lotions, candles, face masks, bath salts, and loofahs. 

Gardening basket

Parents who are passionate about gardening can also introduce their beloved children to the joys of gardening. Garden baskets are a neat and secure way to store your gardening supplies. This basket can hold gardening tools, gloves, packs of plants and seeds, and a book of gardening tips. 

Bookworm basket

Children need to be taught the joy of reading from an early age. Book lovers want a practical and organized place to store their books. Therefore the bookworm basket is the solution for storing your favorite books. 

Art basket

The art basket is perfect for storing all painting equipment. Thus, your painting activity with your children becomes more comfortable because of the neatness and orderliness that is created. For example, you can fill the basket with art supplies such as paints, brushes, canvas, sketchbooks, and a set of pencils for the creative person in your life. 

Creating a Matting Easter Basket

Creating a matte Easter basket is a fun and easy project that can be modified to suit your personal style and taste. Here are the steps for creating your own matte Easter basket. 

  1. Please select a basket: First of all, please choose your favorite basket. You can use any type of basket, but a wicker or wire basket works best for this project.
  2. Choose your mat material: You have to choose the material that will be used for the mat. Popular options include tissue paper, shredded paper, and Easter glasses.
  3. Measure and cut your mat material: Measure the inside dimensions of the basket and cut the mat material. Cut just enough material to create a layered effect.
  4. Layer the matte material: Start by placing a layer of matting material on the bottom of the basket. Then add layers to vary the color and texture of the material.
  5. Decorate: It can be decorated with ribbons, bows, and other decorations. Add a personal touch with a handmade Easter card or charm.
  6. Finish: Wrap the basket in cellophane or clear plastic wrap and tie it with a ribbon or bow. You can also add a little flower or greenery to the outside of the basket to add some spring flair. 


Easter Hampers

The contents of the Easter basket will vary depending on the recipient's preferences and the style of the basket, such as when it's Passover this time. Here are some recommendations for Easter baskets to gift your loved ones. 


Fresh spring flowers such as daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths can add a nice touch to your Easter basket. 

Gift cards

Gift cards from your favorite store, restaurant, or online shop are also great additions to your Easter basket. 

Plush toys

Soft and cuddly stuffed animals such as Easter bunnies and chicks make a lovely addition to an Easter basket, especially for children. 

Baked goods

Hot cross buns, cookies, cakes, and other baked goods can be a delicious addition to your Easter basket. 

Teen Girl Easter Basket Ideas
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Sharing is Caring

Teaching children about sharing is an essential lesson that allows them to develop important social skills and empathy. Easter basket crafts can be a tool and advice for parents to teach their children the beauty of sharing. As a parent, you have to set a good example for children, because they learn by examples so model sharing behavior for them. Don't forget to praise them when they succeed in doing something good in sharing.

We can also talk about the feelings that sharing evokes in others. For example, when a child shares his toys with a friend, that friend can feel happy and camaraderie. Create opportunities for children to share such as group activities that require working together or games that require sharing of resources. 

Last but not least, teach kids to reflect on consideration of how others may experience and the way their moves can have an effect on others. This facilitates the construction of empathy and encourages kids to percentage and take care of others. Use stories and examples from books, movies, or real-life situations to illustrate the importance of sharing and the positive impact it can have on others. 

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