Drinking Printable Board Games

Jul 24, 2014
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Drinking Printable Board Games

Drinking Printable Board Games

Harry Potter Drinking Game Board Printable
Harry Potter Drinking Game Board Printabledownload


Is drinking game something fun to play?

Calling all drunkards to play the drinking games! Is this something fun? Well, obviously, this is something very fun! There is nothing more fun than playing drinking games with your fellas. When you finally go to the college, you should try this game at least once in your life, or twice, or more! Just so you know that there are many kind of drinking games right now from Drink-A-Palooza, Drunk Jenga, until Beer Pong. But, most of all, it’s all fun and exciting! This is the perfect game to play when you gather together with your best friends.

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Printable Drinking Board Games
Printable Drinking Board Gamesdownload
Pokemon Drinking Board Game
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Homemade Drinking Board Games
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Pokemon Drinking Board Game Printable
Pokemon Drinking Board Game Printabledownload


What are the best drinking games so far?

Well, as you know that there many drinking games right now, more than you can imagine. But, of course, there is always the best one of all. Anyway, we arrange the five best drinking games for you that you might want to try. So, if you want to know, let’s continue to read this list!

1.       Kings cup

This is a game that fits for a large number of people. So, whenever you plan to invite more than 10 people to your home to have a party, you should put this game on your list. This game is also easy. You just need to prepare a lot of drinks and also cards. Anyway, the card is not just a card. You should find Kings Cup Cards to play this game. But, it’s available on the Internet so don’t worry.

2.       Flip cup

This one requires two teams to play. So, you should divide your friends or guest into two teams. Then, both teams should stand on the opposite sides of the table. Put cups with drinks at the edge of the table. Now, everyone should drink all these cups and flip the cups to the upside-down position. The first team who complete this challenge will become a winner.

3.       Drinking board game

Another fun drinking game is drinking board game! Yes, this one requires board game with drinking theme. But, don’t worry because this game also has many versions. There are many kind of drinking board games from Drunk Jenga, Beeropoly, until MadWish. All of that require unique board games that will make you feel challenged. Actually, this game is about follow direction. For the example: when you play Beeropoly, players will start to play by roll dice and move around the spaces. But, each spaces consist of different direction such as, “Girls, drink”, or “Put a drink into the community cup”.     

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