Construction Bingo Printable

Jun 28, 2022
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Construction Bingo Game
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Construction Bingo

Love to play bingo but tired of the same template of random numbers every time you play? Want to play with your kids but they just can’t seem to get into the game because of the monotonous and boring set of numbers laid out in front of them? Suggest trying out new templates such as construction bingo. Why construction specifically? Because not only is it informative, this template visualises things found everyday whenever you and your kids go out and have a walk or drive to the grocery store. Construction bingo templates are easy to find and easy to use for everyone because the standards for construction utilities are widely similar around the world.

What is a construction bingo

Construction bingo is a modified version of bingo where the template layed out consists of a series of drawings or pictures relating to construction. The rules are the same where players get a (or several) bingo card(s) with rows and columns of boxes (4x4, 5x5,... etc.) but instead of numbers, they're filled with pictures. Whenever a player achieves to get a row, column, or diagonal line of pictures which are called out by the host/moderator, they win the game and get a prize. Examples of pictures within a construction bingo include traffic cones, signs, wrench, cranes and other utilities or equipment related to construction.

Why is bingo so popular?

The game is popular for players of all generations however, the group with the most love of Bingo is statistically proven to be older women. Bingo is not only about crossing off numbers and winning, it’s about having a great time with your friends and loved ones. These days, themed nights are often held such as drag shows and drinks promotions to appeal to a wider demographic, especially towards younger females. Even during the Second World War, bingo halls were a regular place to hang out for most ordinary people who wanted to forget their troubles by enjoying an evening of entertainment, food, drinks, chatting with their friends and all with a chance of scoring a jackpot. Moreover, nowadays people can play bingo online with many different templates including construction bingo which can be played with the whole family even if you are far apart.

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What are the benefits of construction bingo?

Construction bingo is a great way to enhance your kids’ vocabulary, speech and language. As the children are repeating sounds and practicing words, they are building their own knowledge on how to pronounce these words and syllables. They are discovering new words being introduced and used in the game. Children also will learn impulse control – how to wait for their turn since bingo also requires a lot of patience. Finally, they’ll improve their hand eye-coordination as they match the objects on their bingo cards to check when an item has been called out. The game also allows their attentiveness to grow since construction bingo requires them to listen carefully for their pictures to be called out.

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