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Feb 07, 2011
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First Aid Choking Child
First Aid Choking Childdownload

How to give first help when someone is choking?

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. It could happen to yourself and people around you. How should you react then when you saw someone right in front of your table choked by his food? Here are some steps to follow as for choking CPR. Frist,  run towards him or her and help them to put their hands together and make a fist. Then you make a fist in the middle of his or her stomach as the thumb pressed it. If the person happens to not be going better and falls down, become unconscious, make sure you lay down the person back on the floor and arms to the side. Ask people not to surround the person so there will be no blockage and carefully reach the throat by using your finger. If it doesn't work to hurriedly call 911 and begin CPR, the chest compression may dislodge the food or object inside. Make sure to do the steps of choking CPR carefully in each stage.

What should you do when the baby is choking?

When a baby is choking you should be really extra in taking care of them because it can cause fatal accidents to your baby. First thing to do is, check on if the baby is actually coughing , gagging or choking. When your baby is not able to make noise or cry, that's when you know you are choking while eating. As for the baby, giving a choking CPR is not recommended. First help you can try to do is to put your baby face down by using your thigh as support. This helps to make way for vibrations and pressure in the baby airway that purposely to get the object out from the body. Then rest your baby back, keep their head lower than their chest and softly push your baby breastbone for a couple times. ALways be prepared to call 911 when this happens and the first aid doesn’t make progress.

First Aid for Choking Infant and Child
First Aid for Choking Infant and Childdownload
American Heart Association CPR Choking
American Heart Association CPR Chokingdownload
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Cardiopulmonary resuscitationdownload
American Heart Association CPR Choking
American Heart Association CPR Chokingdownload
Printable First Aid Choking
Printable First Aid Chokingdownload

What is the basic CPR procedure?

CPR is the first help technique that you can use when someone is not breathing properly and their heart has stopped. There are various kinds of CPR depending on the accidents. Basic CPR for adults, pregnant women and infants are also performed differently. As basic CPR is meant to be a first aid in breathing, you have two options whether to carry out chest compressions or give mouth-to-mouth help. Remember to put your patients or victim heads lower than their chest. Make sure the patient is in a safe area. Look up for their response like asking their name while squeezing their shoulder, when the victim doesn’t react make a call but stay with the victim. Start the chest compressions as soon as possible after you call for help.

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