Christmas Countdown Number Printables

Updated on Dec 13, 2022
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Christmas Countdown Number Printables
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Printable Christmas Advent Numbers
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What is the Christmas countdown number?

Have you ever thought of counting days excitedly to your special days like Christmas or New Year’s eve? This is the time where you need the countdown number. It is not only common for New Year but also for Christmas. Hanging Christmas countdown number nearby your fridge or living room. It can be made out of paper or you can find it as a tearing daily calendar where it can be found at your nearby stationery store. The countdown number can help and give reminders of either projection of the upcoming events so you have time to evaluate your needs for Christmas too.

Where do you use the Christmas countdown number?

The Christmas countdown number is common to use at the office or public spaces. It is also not only about numbers appearing on the paper or board, but also to get daily reminders such as things to prepare and sort of stuff. This gives the Christmas countdown benefits and needs to be used because it helps people about the coming up Christmas eve. Other than office or public spaces, you can also use it in the classroom. In the classroom, teachers can ask students to take turns tearing up the daily countdown number. They are also able to learn about counting numbers and days itself. This can be a very useful item to have in the classroom for both teachers and students.

Printable Christmas Calendar Numbers
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How to make your own Christmas countdown number?

To make your own Christmas countdown number, you can use an old calendar or by using a board with multiple papers to tear upon it. There are also available that have various background design templates. All you need is to cut each number and stick it on the board by using pins or change it daily on a whiteboard with magnets. You can also do the same to attach it to the fridge door. More than that, it is also applicable for you to recycle your old calendar desk. You can wrap or block the months and paint it with the colors you like. This activity is also engaging for your children so they can make their own crafts for Christmas decoration. A wooden block of it is also an option for those of you who don't want to have paper waste.

How can I see how many days are left until Christmas?

When everyone is impatiently counting down to December 25th, they mark every latest date on their calendars to mark the days before the big day.

In order to mark such a calendar, a countdown calendar template can be downloaded from the internet as a printable countdown calendar. There are many other countdown calendar designs available online with the downloadable template.

You can use colored markers to mark each passing day until it approaches December 25th after printing and attaching the printable on the cardboard. You will become increasingly excited as Christmas Eve draws nearer if you have a calendar like this one that counts down the days.

Can you use plain instant chocolate as a special wintertime beverage?

Although creamy hot chocolate has become a classic drink to enjoy in the winter, you may use plain instant chocolate powder if you're having trouble obtaining premium chocolate, as you may already be aware. Here is a recipe that you can modify to make it as shown below.


Ingredients for the chocolate beverage recipe:

  • 4 cups whole milk
  • 4 packets (each around 1 1/4 ounces) of Hot cocoa mixed with dark chocolate
  • 4 truffles made of dark chocolate
  • Maldon Salt Flakes
  • 1 jar Kraft jet-puffed marshmallow crème


Steps to make the chocolate beverage:

  1. A big saucepot filled with milk is heated to a bubble at medium-high heat. Beat the milk after adding the sachets of dark chocolate cocoa.
  2. Add a single truffle and a few pinches of Maldon salt to each cup. Over the truffles, pour the hot chocolate and mix. Add marshmallow creme to the top of each mug and slightly burn each one with a kitchen torch.


Have you ever created an advent calendar with hung fabric bags?

Those simple paper advent calendars are typically used to calculate the time until Christmas Eve. Did you realize, though, that an advent calendar calculation may be performed without requiring a physical paper calendar? You can use this dangling bag advent calendar as an alternative.

Make smaller fabric bags with squeeze openings if you really are skilled with a needle and thread to store your advent countdown treats. Once you've made it once, this idea is perfect since it can be used as an alternative advent calendar.

Additionally, you have two options: both place them in a box or use a rope to dangle them from a big branch. Much better, decorate the branch with a strand of holiday lights!

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