Printable Rebus Puzzles With Answers

Updated on Nov 02, 2022
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Printable Rebus Puzzles With Answers
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Rebus Puzzle Answers
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What are Rebus Puzzles?

Rebus puzzles games are one-of-a-kind unique puzzles that combine pictures and letters that can form a phrase or word. An example is 12.00T which is interpreted as noon tea.

Rebus is also the root of various languages and writings in the world. The reason is, there are many ancient languages that use puzzles from a combination of symbols or pictures to indicate a word. An example is the hieroglyphs from Egypt which have many riddles. In addition, there is also an ancient Chinese language that uses riddles to show a character.

However, now rebuses are no longer a communication tool but a fun words game that can be played by both children and adults. Rebus Puzzles is a game that allows you to think associatively to solve various challenging puzzles in it.

How to Play Rebus Puzzles?

Rebus puzzles is a game that can sharpen the brain because you have to solve puzzles from various pictures, letters, and symbols that can form a certain word. Playing it is also very easy because you only need to do these things.

  1. Choose the Rebus Puzzles Theme

    The first way to do this is to choose the rebus puzzles theme you want to play. There are many types of rebus puzzles that can be easily downloaded. In fact, there are also online rebus puzzles that are easier to play because you don't need to waste paper.

    If you want to play it with children, you should choose a puzzle theme that children like. An example is the theme of animals and superheroes. Teach children to interpret the various combinations of pictures, letters, and symbols to form a single word or phrase.

  2. Create a Group

    To make it more fun, you can make several groups with the children. So, children can learn to collaborate to solve the puzzle. In addition, they can also learn to compete fairly to win the game.

  3. Give Duration

    Don't forget to provide a time duration for each rebus puzzle. So, children will be more challenged to complete the puzzle. That's what can make the game more fun.

  4. Provide Answer Key

    After all, groups have completed the puzzle, provide the answer key. You can give rewards to children who can collect the highest points.


How Rebus Puzzles Can Help Develop Innovation and Creativity?

Rebus puzzles require a deep thinking process to find the answer. By thinking deeply, the brain will work optimally and it will have a positive impact on children's cognitive abilities. Well, cognitive ability is closely related to creativity. So, cognition affects the development of the brain to create creative ideas.

How did it happen? So, it is related to the hemisphere theory. That theory explains that the human brain is divided into two parts based on their function. The first is the right brain hemisphere which affects divergent thinking. The second is the left brain which influences convergent thinking.

The right brain plays a role in regulating intuition, self-image, perception, humanism, and various other things related to feelings and imagination. Meanwhile, the left brain is related to verbal, mathematical, digital, scientific, sensory, analytical, and various other things related to the ability to think logically.

By playing rebus puzzles, children will see various symbols, numbers, and letters that are related to the right and left brains. If both brains are active, especially the right brain, children can create unlimited creative ideas or innovations. So, that's how rebus puzzles help to develop creativity and innovation.

Printable Rebus Puzzles
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Rebus Word Puzzles with Answers
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Printable Rebus Puzzles with Answers Worksheets
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Rebus Puzzles Worksheets
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Rebus Puzzles with Answers
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Rebus Word Puzzles with Answers
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Tricky Rebus Puzzles With Answers
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Rebus Puzzles For Adults
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Rebus Picture Puzzles For Activity
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What are the Benefits of Rebus Puzzles?

Rebus Puzzles is a puzzle game that can help children get various benefits, including increasing their creativity. Not only that but rebus puzzles games can also help children to get these benefits.

  1. Working Together in a Team

    Because rebus puzzles can be played in teams, the game can also encourage children to have the ability to work together in teams. So, it can also help children to interact or communicate with other people.

  2. Good Problem-Solving Skills

    Rebus puzzles can also help children learn to think critically. That's because they have to solve various visual clues to find various hidden meanings of the puzzle. It can make them have good problem-solving skills.

  3. Relaxation

    Rebus puzzles are a powerful way to help you find peace and relaxation. You and your children can play with these puzzles in your free time to reduce stress from the various tasks that have been done. So, not only can be an educational game, but rebus puzzles can also help everyone to have fun.

    Therefore, schools should implement these rebus puzzles to provide fun education for students. The puzzle game will help students to get excited again so they can continue their studies optimally.

  4. Improve Brain Performance

    As explained above, rebus puzzles can make the brain work actively. It affects cognitive abilities. So, your imagination and creativity will also increase. For this reason, rebus puzzles can encourage the creation of a culture of creative and innovative thinking in schools and families.

  5. Improve Memory Ability

    When playing words puzzles activities such as rebus puzzle, children have to remember various vocabulary they know to solve the puzzles. That's what makes them have a good memory. With a good memory, children will remember various materials at school.

  6. Increase Vocabulary

    Rebus puzzles are related to words. So, you and your children will know various kinds of new vocabulary if you regularly play these puzzles. You can mix this game woth other words puzzle exercises to elevate their skills. 

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