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Sep 29, 2020
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How do you use dot markers?

Actually, dot markers are similar to bingo dauber dot. It is also the same as the bingo dabber and even bingo dauber. All those are just various names for dot markers.

Actually, dot markers are the bigger size of the usual markers. So, the result when it comes to using dot markers creates bigger dots. We can even see them as a solid circle. So, that's why the dot markers suit the bingo dauber dot activities.

It's because the bingo dauber dot activities have big circles inside a certain shape. One of many ways to utilize the usage of dot markers is by cutting a certain shape that is printed on a piece of paper and sticking it to the other sheet.

Then, use the dot marker to put the color to the whole shape. After finishing with coloring the paper, we can remove the shape and the blank space that is left and surrounded by the dot marker.


Do a dot markers washable?

Well, there is a certain brand of dot markers that are registered as the original brand of dot markers. Each marker even has a patent for the large sponge tip. It claims that it will never get dried out.

Actually, the dot markers are actually made from the powdery pigment that is made from solid material. Then, it is crushed into a form of a powder. Then, it is mixed with a watery liquid so that the powder can be diluted. Actually, the watery solution is water-based.

Then, the result of diluting the mixture is creating a translucent color. So, actually, the color is thin and the ink tends to have low viscosity. So, since it is water-based, when we teach kids using bingo dauber dot activities using the dot markers, then we accidentally put a stroke on our clothing, then it can be removed easily by washing it. So, to sum up, yes. It is washable.


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What is Dot art called?

When we do bingo dauber dot activities with kids, we actually create big dots from dot markers. The big dots themselves aim to fill the colors onto a certain shape.

However, we don't need to fill the blank space after we dot. It's because there is a unique and peculiar side of this kind of drawing. Well, actually, when we do bingo dauber dot activities with our children, there is a kind of art that we just implement.

The name of the art is pointillism. Pointillism is a kind of technique of painting or coloring that uses dots to create shapes or color of the shape. It is intendedly to leave some white and blank space because it makes others know that the painting is made from some points.


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