Bra Cup Pattern Printable

Nov 26, 2021
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Bra Cup Pattern Printable
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Bra Cup Sewing Pattern
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What is the ABCD Cup in Bra?

When faced with many choices and types of bras, you may find that each of these bras has its own size written in ABCD combined with numbers. What does that actually mean? And how do you find the right size Bra Cup Pattern?

Here are some tips that you can follow:
1.    Measure the size of your band
Take a tape measure to know the size of your band. First of all, put your hand straight down, then put the tape measure around your body underneath your breast. Make sure that you are measuring correctly and that it is right for your circumference. When you get the size add about 2 inches. For example: If your size is 31 inches, then your band size is 32. If your size is 34, then your band size is 34-36.
2.    Find the right cup size
Bra sizes usually follow UK sizes, such as AA, A, B, C, D, E, F, etc..
If you have already used a bra and want to change to the right size, then use the one you have used as a Bra Cup Pattern. So if your previous bra is 34 C, and your measurement is 31 inches, maybe the new size you need is 32 D.
3.    Find the bra’s models you like
After measuring your body, you got to find the right bra. First of all, find the ones you like. The bra has various styles, like sports, full-coverage, and push-up bra. For example, if you want your boobs to look bigger than they are, then use a push-up bra. If you want a seamless bra, then find a sports bra. After that, you can ask the shopkeeper to find the size you want.

Bra Pattern
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How do you know if the cup is too big for your bra?

It doesn't matter how expensive or how high the quality of a bra you buy if it is the wrong size, it will not be comfortable to wear. Therefore, here are tips to find out that the Bra Cup Pattern you are wearing is too big.
1.    If you wear a bra that has foam, then the foam doesn't look full. So this could be a sign that the bra you are wearing is too big. Even more so if it shows on both sides of the bra you are wearing. Therefore, you better buy a bra with the size underneath.
2.    One of the signs that your bra is too big is when the bottom of your breast is not attached properly and feels loose. So that the bra will come off the hook. If this happens, then you better buy a new bra immediately to maintain the bra you have.

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