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Jan 28, 2009
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Printable Crayon Template
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What are the official crayon colors?

One of the things that we can do by using crayons is to color the color crayons pattern. There are so many brands of crayons in the world. Yes, crayon consists of many colors. It helps us to get the vibrant color of our drawing. One of the most famous crayon brands in the world is Crayola. It's because the company of Crayola, Crayola LLC was established for a long time, since March 31, 1885. Well, the original and official Crayola comes in a form of various sizes. Each size represents the amount of the crayon stick inside the box. Actually, there are 9 sizes of Crayola. The amount of crayons inside a pack of Crayola consists of 8 crayons, 16 crayons, 24 crayons, 32 crayons, 48 crayons, 64 crayons, 96 crayons, 120 crayons, and the biggest one consists of 152 crayons. The main color that we can find on a pack of Crayola in each pack is red, yellow, blue, brown, orange, green, violet (purple), and black.

How do you make a crayon color mix?

When it comes to coloring the color crayons pattern, we need various kinds of colors that need to have appeared inside the drawing. So, the look will be so vibrant. However, if we only have 8 colors of crayon, just like the smallest version of Crayola, it's quite hard for us to show various colors on our drawing. So, all we can do is mixing the color of the crayons. The one thing that we should know is how to mix the color of crayons? We need this because we want to get the best color as the result after we mix it. Well, actually, we can preheat the crayon by using the oven. Set the number temperature as hot as 150 degrees. If we do this with our kids, make sure that we are the ones who do this, not our kids alone. First, we need to arrange pieces of mashed crayons inside a tray that has a certain shape. Then, we put it inside the oven until it melts and the combination of the color is made. Yes, that's how we mix the color of crayon.


Color Crayon Template Printable
Color Crayon Template Printabledownload
Printable Crayon Template
Printable Crayon Templatedownload
Color Crayon Coloring Pages Printable
Color Crayon Coloring Pages Printabledownload
Crayon Pattern
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How do you reuse crayons?

Yes, after we have finished coloring our color crayons pattern, we tend to neglect our crayons. Sometimes, we are not careful enough when handling the crayons. Consequently, we found that our crayons are broken. Well, don't immediately throw it. We can still reuse it. Here are some steps to reuse crayons.

  1. Break the crayons into smaller pieces and sort them by color.
  2. Use a tray like a muffin tray and fill the tray with broken crayons.
  3. Bake it with the oven and set the temperature as hot as 275 degrees.
  4. Freeze the melted crayons inside the tray by leaving them for a day.
  5. Remove the melted crayons from the tray and the crayons are ready to use.

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