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Short Intro to Economic

Do you know what economics is? It is a social science that studies human behavior to manage various resources and distribute them to society.

To implement economic actions, you need to use economic principles. In general, there are two principles of economics. The first principle is to get a big profit. Then, the second principle explains that the profit earned must use a small amount of expenditure.

So, these two principles must-do if you apply economics in your life. The results of the implementation of these two principles can be seen from the level of efficiency. It can be measured by comparing the profits earned with expenses that must be used.

The best economic action is the way that can minimize costs but is able to produce the best performance or high yields. Well, these principles are very useful in various fields of life.

What is Tourism?

Travel is one of the interesting things that is liked by many people. By traveling, you can spend time doing various fun things. Moreover, most tourist attractions present extraordinary views.

Tourism is a travel activity carried out by one person or several people to be able to relax. This can make their minds and feelings calmer. Well, tourist destinations are part of the tourism industry. A tourist destination is a place where people go on tours.

In this world, there are various kinds of tourism that people can do. There are also many different places that provide various engaging tourist experiences for tourists. So, you will never be bored doing tours.

How to Navigate The Easter Effect on Tourism and the Economy?

After talking about the economy and tourism, it is time for us to connect this with the celebration of Easter. On the Easter holiday, there are many shops and tourist spots that are crowded with visitors.

From children to adults, all of them celebrate Easter in various public places. Well, that's what makes Easter able to help improve the economic and tourism conditions of a region or country.

Let's take a real example. During the Covid pandemic some time ago, almost all countries experienced a decline in economic and tourism conditions. One of them is Sri Lanka.

However, Sri Lanka's economy and tourism are getting back after these difficult times because of Easter Sunday celebrations. In fact, the financial director of the John Keells Group said that Sri Lanka's economic conditions really helped because of the Easter celebrations.

During the Easter holidays, many people in Sri Lanka buy various Easter supplies. That makes Sri Lanka's economic condition improve.

This also happened in the tourism sector in Sri Lanka. Various tourist attractions are crowded with tourists during the Easter holidays. Ports, terminals, stations, and other public places also look crowded at Easter. Tourism in Sri Lanka, which was quiet during the pandemic, is being invaded by many tourists again at Easter.

Of course, this is good news. In fact, 15,000 hectares of land around the Sri Lanka port will be used as areas for new industrial development.

So, from the case that occurred in Sri Lanka, it can be said that navigating the Easter effect on tourism and the economy can be known by calculating the total income of the local industry and the number of tourists. This can be measured precisely by the local government because they have valid data in each region.

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Plain Easter Egg Coloring Pages
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What are The Best Spiritual Tourism Recommendations for Easter Holidays?

Don't let yourself spend your Easter holidays with boring activities. To make your vacation more enjoyable, you can take a vacation to these spiritual tourist spots.

  1. Vatican Museums

    This museum is in Italy. In the museum, there are many collections belonging to the Roman Catholic Church. There are various kinds of antique statues that are more than hundreds of years old.

    You can also see beautiful and shiny marble, carpets, and paintings. Tourists who come there can also see the Maps Hall which has 40 topographical maps of Italy.

  2. Christ The Redeemer

    You can come to Brazil and visit Christ The Redeemer. It is a Statue of Jesus, The Redeemer from Brazil. The location is at the top of a mountain called Mount Corcovado.

    If you are in Rio de Janeiro, you can see all the angles of the statue from there. There is also a small chapel located on the inside of the statue. The chapel is often used as a place to hold weddings.

  3. The Church of All Nations

    If you want to visit the most magnificent church in the world, you can come to this church. The Church of All Nations is located in Jerusalem. It is a church at the foot of the Mount of Olives.

    The name of the church is inspired by the history of its construction. So, the church's construction uses funds from many countries. The architect's design for the church was made by a well-known architect from Italy.

    There is a garden inside the church named the Garden of Gethsemane. In the garden, there is a rock that was used as a place of prayer by Jesus.

  4. Castel Sant'Angelo

    There is a circular part of the building at Castel Sant' Angelo. The place is a witness to history because it was used as a shelter by the Pope when he was in danger.

    Initially, the ancient castle was a building made to bury the Roman Emperor Hadrian. However, today the castle is better known as a historical site by Christians.

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