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Updated on Jun 28, 2022
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Student All About Me Printable
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All About Me Student of the Week Worksheet
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What is "All About Me" book?

You might often give your students task about the subjects you’ve taught them. Consider giving the different tasks in order to make the students know themselves better such as the “all about me” book project.

In this book, you might provide the template which can make the students fill it out based on their preferences. Make them decorate the cover of the book as an additional activity while also making the book seems more interesting.

Start with the page for your students to mention their full names. Provide the space for them to attach their selfie. Continue with their bios such as an address, age, grade, and birth date. Then, you can move to their physical appearance.

Provide the blank picture that represents a human on this page, then instruct them to draw and color it based on their looks. You can also bring any other things that can’t be seen by the draw only, such as their weight and tall. Place the template for them to describe their favorite things such as food, animals, toys, vehicle, colors, and many more. 

Another template you can give is about what they want to do in the future. Provide the pictures of the job choices and ask them to color the job that is in line with their want. For this one, you can collect the data on what students want to be in the future first, then provide the picture based on the results.

Hand the template for them to write their daily routines. Using the table for this page would be preferable. This book project can be filled with various content within pages, which you can find in the template on this site. You can also find more awesome get to know me worksheet on

What craft can you make for a self-introduction in the class?

When it comes to introduction, it means describing ourselves to make people know who we are. In terms of kids, this one can be the idea of making a project.

Commonly, students will be describing themselves in front of the class, but if you are willing to make any differences, using the introduction craft would be a great choice.

Because it is intended for kids, the form must be in a simple shape. Here’s how you can do the introduction project in your students' crafting class. This project will consist of the crafting self-portrait and also the space to fill out their bio.

First, prepare the materials such as the self-portrait template which consists of the namespace and half body blank picture, the bio template, string in the various color that represent hair color, and separated face ornaments such as eyes and eyebrows, pencil color, and pen. Let the students write their names on the self-portrait template.

Then, ask the students to choose the string based on their hair color. Make them stick the strings to the head part in the picture. You can guide them to make it looks like their hair appearance.

Instruct the students to fill the face ornaments by sticking the separated eyes and eyebrows cutouts and drawing the nose and mouth parts. After that, they can move to color the body part to be the color of the clothes that they wear.

The last one, they can fill the bio template based on their preferences. A simple project of crafting can be more enjoyable instead of using the common way of class introduction.

All About Me Template Worksheet
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Printable About Me Template For Students
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How to start teaching self-introduction with toddlers?

Crafting has belonged to kids’ activities that cannot be separated from learning. This activity can boost students' motor skills, encourage critical thinking, build their resilience, and do reading exercises. There are many kinds of crafting styles and themes you can apply to your students.

Do some conversation with the kids so they will be able to know more about themselves starting from the basic things such as name, age, birthday, and their favorite thing using an “all about me” theme. Utilizing the stuff around them could be great. One of these is using their handprint as the template.

Prepare the material first such as colored paper, pen, and coloring pencil. In this task, the students have to make their handprints and then filled with their bio. There are various colored papers and make your students attach their hand to the paper and draw it using the pen.

Repeat until they get the amount as your plan. It must be in line with the number of template categories you want to place. You may provide a list of categories to make the students easier in write it.

After that, instruct the students to fill in the handprints template. For the result look, you can choose various styles. It can be such as a book, so you just have to clip it or even attach the handprint result in a large piece of paper and make it in a round shape.

After all, crafting is not only about making a thing out of paper, but it also has some great benefits for the students.

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