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Jul 24, 2011
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Printable 50th Birthday Certificate
Printable 50th Birthday Certificatedownload

What is a 50th birthday called?

This birthday is determined as one of many milestones. There is another term to name this 50th birthday. We can say 50th birthday as a golden birthday or golden life instead. Sometimes, some people present them with a 50th birthday certificate to celebrate this remarkable birthday. The origin of the golden birthday term came from northern Europe. Husbands in northern Europe will give their wife a beautiful golden necklace. The jewelry symbolizes a long lasting marriage as a gift from nature and the ultimate esteem. Anyone who celebrates the 50th birthday will get a long union wish.

How do you wish someone a 50th birthday?

A greeting will not be completed if it is not followed by the wishes. It is a common courtesy to deliver the best hopes for them who turn 50 to be a better version of a person than the previous years. However, talking about age can be so sensitive for some people, especially when they get more mature. Here are some ways to wish someone a 50th birthday:

1.       “Congratulations, you have already reached halfway to a century! Keep the energy up to face the remaining journey!”

2.       “May this year be twice as delightful as your 25!”

3.       “Remember, you’ve stepped this far. Keep progressing in your golden phase!”

4.       “Do you know how great you are when you’re able to cherish every single day throughout 50 years?”

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Why is 50th birthday special?

Here are reasons why 50th birthday is special:

1.       We already reach another milestone

Surviving is never easy for us. It is a precious gift from the universe that we can still have a chance to enjoy our half-century. Being grateful is the first feeling that we’re required to do when we begin the 50s.

2.       The retirement is near to you

Some people are considered workaholics. However, there is nothing wrong with being retired. We will have more time to improve our skills. We will also be able to pursue our personal dreams and goals that can’t be achieved when we’re working due to lacking personal time.

3.       We can celebrate our achievements

We are fortunate enough to be able to live our life fully at the age of 50. Of course, we passed a hard and steep road before we’re finally here. A little or even extravagant celebration can be thrown as a self-reward and appreciation toward ourselves.

4.       A good time to reflect

There are two main important things to review our progress year by year. First, we need some memories about our past life throughout the years. Then, we are required to be mindful of the present. When at this age, we still have the ability to do both at the same time since our physical aspects don’t really change significantly. So, this can be a good moment to reflect.

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