5 Day Work Week Monthly Calendar Printable

Oct 25, 2022
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5 Day Work Week Planner Template
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What are the benefits of a 5-day work week?

If you are just about to start being a worker, make sure you also consider the time you spend doing your job. Some offices would set the amount of the day you need to take in a week. Normally, it will consist of 5 days work per week.

However, some countries apply a 6 days work week such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea. While the other ones could be less with 4 days and even 3 days in a week.

Studies show that having a shorter time workweek influence worker performance. This aspect includes productivity, boosting focus, and also the health sides of the employee. Applying the 5day workweek allows the employee to do their job for 8 hours and also 8 hours for taking a rest.

While on the weekend, the employee also has 48 hours for refreshing. Setting the work time could causes a lower rate of absence for sickness or even workplace accidents.

Due to the nice effects both employees and employers gain, some companies in the US start to apply for 4 days working to reduce employee stress while also increasing their performance once they come to the office.

How do you make a fun planner?

The planner commonly consists of the table and notes on it. A design like this could be boring. Moreover, a planner with a plain design only includes black and white everywhere.

Instead of having this, go further with the fun and playful design to refresh your sight. The fun design could start with the grid too. Let’s dive right in!

Choosing the grid as the background does not always mean formal. Think of the unusual design of content and rock it. Have a preparation of the materials such as the coloring tools, glow-in-the-dark items and pen, and the grid with the days of the week. Paint the background with the pattern you dream of.

Layer the grid lines with the paint to make them clearly seen.  If you already have those tools, it means you are ready to fill your planner every day.

Draw the activity you want to do in a day first. Use only a picture if you think it’s enough. Use the coloring marker to have a clear picture. Make it looks gorgeous at the night by layering the draw using the glow-in-a-dark pen.

Don’t forget the glow-in-the-dark items too. Just make sure you are ready to fill it consistently. If you think of another design with no grids involved, here’s for you.

Have a wooden frame with no glass left. Insert the rope inside the wooden frame. Have some paper clasp with you along with the colorful sticky notes. The upper rope used to be the days' name, while the bottom left is for your notes and plan.

Write the day's name in the bolder font and stick the clasp onto the upper rope. Start to fill the plan by doing the same in the bottom ropes left. Apply your colorful sticky notes page would make it gorgeous.

5 Day Week Blank Calendar Printable
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What is some 3D calendar design?

If you think of a unique calendar design instead of paper-based and digital ones, the 3D design might be on your wanting list. Some of the template tends to be unique and eye-catching.

While the other one also keeps the simple theme attached to it. Some ingredients also matter in the design of the 3D calendars. Check this out and choose the ones that suit you the most.

Wooden calendar commonly has a minimalism style with cubes to define the date and month. However, the wooden also work to think of a fun design for kids. So, the form will be like the paper printed. This design has an editable form so your kids can play with it.

Learning calendar skills is also fun with this design. Have your kids arrange the dates and days as they should. It’s a kinda great practice to review their skills in calendar elements. Make the wooden calendar stand out by painting some parts and turning it colorful.

Turns out your calendar in geometric 3D shape would be great. This design could be made from wood which is quite expensive. However, it suits those who seeking a gift for coworkers or boss. If you consider the affordable ones, DIY them by looking for the geometric template on the internet and stick every side’s part to form a unique one.  

The desk type commonly has other features to use. Have one including a pencil tray to put your stationary inside. The ones with a bookshelf on them might attract too.

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