3rd Grade Math Worksheets Printable

Nov 11, 2022
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3rd Grade Math Subtraction Worksheets
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What does math in third grade involve?

There are four significant things for third graders that will improve while learning math at their level.

First, acquiring knowledge of and proficiency with division and multiplication inside 100. Second, they will enhance knowledge of fractions, particularly unit fractions

Third, they will able to obtain knowledge of the area and rectangular arrays. Last but not least, they will be able to define and identify shapes in two dimensions.

How to teach your child division in math?

Parents helping their kids with their homework after school can be quite beneficial for kids, but many adults find it difficult to explain even the most fundamental mathematical concepts when they know how to do them.

Additionally, it will be preferable to teach how division functions to the kids first so they can understand. Your children must first grasp the concept of division before they can start practicing division tasks.

By equating the concept of dividing with the concept of sharing, you can explain it to them. Help them understand it by demonstrating how a number of goods can be distributed equally among groups and providing instances.

For example, you may demonstrate to them how a person with six cupcakes can offer three kids two apiece, or how an individual with eight bananas can give four to each of two pals.

You could perhaps make sure that your kids will not have any trouble understanding the concept of division by coming up with realistic examples that include visual cues.

Do games exist to help kids understand division?

Due to their strong visual and kinesthetic learning styles, children will acquire new knowledge faster and more efficiently if they can perceive it and engage with it.

As a result, making math games to play with kids can make teaching division to them easier. If you want to help your kid grasp division, read more about games below:

  • Muffin tin with beads


Kids learning about division may find this to be a very thorough activity. Provide your child a set quantity of beads and instruct them to distribute them evenly across a set number of tins.

Begin by demonstrating how to split the beads into two tins, and use a different amount of beads each time.

Next, slowly increase the number of divisions. You'll get the chance to talk about the remaining pieces to the child when they still have extra beads from the activity.


  • Printable division games


Start making or printing a division "match-up" puzzle where your kid matches up various pieces of paper with the solution to the arithmetic problems they are given.

This is an improvement over utilizing educational games since it forces kids to figure it out on their own while yet offering some assistance if they want it.

Printable 3rd Grade Math Worksheets Fractions
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What are some simple multiplication games that kids may play in the classroom?

It's simple to prepare and perform these example games. They can be used as fast games at the start or conclusion of a lesson to keep your class engaged while they master multiplication facts.

  • After each other


In a healthy competition in the front of the classroom, students are taking turns honing their math abilities. Since obtaining a multiplier rather than a result is required in this multiplication game, it may demand more mental effort.


Things that will be needed:

  • Whiteboards or chalkboards
  • Chalk or markers


  1. Select two children to place them looking backward from one another directly in front of the board.

  2. When you say "go," every student writes a number on the board that ranges from 1 to 10 (or whatever range works best for your class).

  3. Select a different student to state the result of the two numbers (ensure to check that it is accurate).

  4. The round is won by the one who correctly guesses the other person's number first.

  5. A different student is substituted for the round's "loser," who remains on the board.

  6. The winner is the player with the longest streak—the most consecutive victories.


If students are having trouble, ask them to put the problem on the board so they can see it and discover the solution.


  • True or false?


Since there is a 50/50 probability that students will select the right answer, this game is simpler than others on the list. At the conclusion of class, play a few fast games or organize a competition. You have a choice!

  1. Divide the class into teams, and then distribute a true or false card to each team.

  2. On the board, scribble a multiplication phrase that is either true or untrue 

  3. Give each team a minute to discuss their solution.

  4. When you give the signal, both teams simultaneously hold up their cards to show whether their response is "true" or "false." Each correct team receives one point.

  5. The winning team is the one with the highest points after ten (or as many) questions.


This game also works well as an addition or subtraction game for younger students in the first or second grade.

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