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May 18, 2022
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Why is a year divided into 12 months?

Since the Gregorian calendar was established worldwide in 1752 to synchronize it with the English and American Colonies, so the same calendar has been used worldwide. Since Caesar's reign, the planet and its bounds have greatly increased!

By taking 365.2422 days into consideration while counting one rotation of the earth's rotation around the sun, the Julian calendar mistake was corrected by the Gregorian calendar.

Therefore, now you know what happened! The calendar's current twelve months were first instituted by Julius Caesar.

Is there a 12-month calendar in China?

Throughout the year, the duration of a Chinese calendar month varies. A Chinese short month, also known as a "little month," has 29 days, while a long month, also known as a "large month," has 30 days. In this fashion, a 12-month lunar year (featuring six 29-day months and six 30-day months) only contains 354 days.

During two or three lunar years, a leap month is observed in order to maintain the lunar calendar's alignment with solar cycles and make up for the days that are lost when compared to the Gregorian calendar.

Why do we have 28 days In February?

The 28-day month of February has been around since Numa Pompilius, the second king of Rome. Rome's lunar calendar only had 10 months when he became ruler. The period lasted from March through December.

The period between December and March, at that time, was considered meaningless by Romulus, the very first king of Rome, and his citizens since it didn't have anything to do well with Harvest.

Following his accession to power, Numa Pompilius made the decision to align the calendar with the 12 lunar cycles in order to improve its accuracy. Two extra months were required in the new 355-day year to compensate for the amount of time that was lost. So he extended the calendar by January and February.

Romans regarded equal numbers as cursed, therefore each month featured an uneven number of days that rotated between 29 and 31. However, one month has to be an even number to total 355 days. As a month has 28 days, February was considered to be bad.

This decision might have been made because the Romans revered the deceased and carried out purification rituals in February, claims Slate. The ancient Sabine tribe's vernacular really had a term for "purify" called februare.

The seasons and months started to diverge after several years of adopting the newer 355-day calendar created by Numa Pompilius. The Romans introduced a 27-day leap month as necessary to synchronize the two. If Mercedonius was recruited, it started on February 24.

This too had evident problems due to the irregular leap month. Julius Caesar hired a specialist to develop a sun-based calendar similar to the Egyptian one in 45 B.C. With the exception of February, the Julian Calendar lengthened each year by about 10 days, giving each month an additional 30–31 days.

An additional day was given to February per four years, which is commonly referred to as a "leap year," to accommodate for the full 365.25-day calendar year. This resulted in February having only 28 days most years.

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How do leap years work?

In a typical year, you have 365 days. You just need to count 365 times because the world revolves roughly 365.242375 times. The 29th day of February is added to the leap year, which has 366 days and compensates for the 0.25 days that aren't visible for these four years.

This results throughout the leap year, which happens every fourth year. Therefore, every fourth year, February has 29 days, and that particular year is referred to as a leap year.

What qualities distinguish a good bullet journal?

Regardless of where you want to add to your "bullet journal," you may capture, monitor, and arrange your activities, occasions, and notes. 

The idea is to keep track of everything in a portable diary, schedule your activities using a calendar, and apply language that allows you to sum up everything within a few brief sentences. All three types of personal organizers are combined in one.

The journal's construction is irrelevant as long as you follow the basic principles and structure. If you can better plan your days, then you need a bullet journal, regardless of whether every margin is grandly embellished or left blank. In addition, the role of the calendar is also one of the keys so that the journal can be used properly.

It's also crucial to keep in mind that the vocabulary used in a bullet journal is unique. The words that must be used in a bullet journal must meet the following criteria:

  • Be precise
  • Be particular
  • Briefly summarize everything.
  • Don't be hesitant to express yourself personally.


The purpose of a bullet journal isn't to document everything in flowery language or to elicit every hidden thought.

They enable you to swiftly write down thoughts and list activities so you are able to immediately see what has to be done for the day by taking a fast glance at a page.

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