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Feb 06, 2009
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Printable Ten Frame Cards
Printable Ten Frame Cardsdownload

What are the 10 frame flash cards?

They are a simple game that consists of cards. They commonly come in 5x2 grids. Inside the grids, we can put a big bold circle or a dot. We can pick every box to be filled by the circles.

What are the benefits of using 10 frame flash cards?

Here are the beneficial things that we get when using 10 frame flash cards:
1.    Exercises number sense.
2.    The amount of the boxes on a single flash card is ten. When some of the boxes are marked with a bold circle inside, they need to guess the amount of the circles. When using a single card, they need to play with the intuition to choose the right answer between the numbers of 1 to 10. However, the answers can be more than 10 if we use more than one card of 10 frames flash cards.
3.    Teaches mathematical operations.
4.    Mathematical operations, especially subtractions and additions can be introduced by using 10 frames flash cards. For instance, we use one flashcard, then we put three circles inside each of the three boxes. Then, we can encourage the kids to count the rest of the blank boxes. To get the right answers of counting the blank grids, we can use subtraction by telling them like: “If we have 10 boxes, then three of them are marked, how many the rest of the blank boxes?”
5.    Understand the value of numbers.
6.    When they are using the 10 frame flash cards, they don’t actually count 1 to 10 in a numerical order. They will know which number is lower or higher. They also learn how to use numbers for countings instead of naming it without any certain meaning.

Printable Ten Frame Cards
Printable Ten Frame Cardsdownload
Ten Frame Cards
Ten Frame Cardsdownload
Printable Number Dot Cards
Printable Number Dot Cardsdownload
Ten Frame Flash Cards
Ten Frame Flash Cardsdownload
Ten Frame Flash Cards
Ten Frame Flash Cardsdownload

How to use 10 frame flash cards?

Here are the various ways to use 10 frame flash cards:
1.    Add one dot onto a cell. It can be easy for them to guess how many the dot is. However, it can become more challenging if they can guess the rest of the blank grids. In this case, try to introduce subtractions.
2.    Add more dots sequentially. This means that we can’t skip the box to be blank. Beside the previous box which we had marked before, put more dots to each unmarked box. If they’re still able to guess easily, add more dots so that they’re required to think harder.
3.    If they can guess the number of dots in a sequence without any hassle, try to shuffle the position of the boxes that want to be pointed. Since they already get used to the previous pattern, this exercise challenges them more. The intuitive skills can be trained more.
4.    After they’re fluent enough to name the right amount of using shuffled-position of dots, try to use two cards. Then, repeat the similar activities.

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