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Oct 10, 2020
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Double Ten Frame Worksheet
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Get to Know: The Basic Concept of Arithmetic

Arithmetic comes from Greek. Before the discovery of mathematics, ancient people used arithmetic first. Arithmetic is a part of mathematics that focuses on studying the basic operations of numbers. 

So, arithmetic has been found around since prehistoric times. Several artifacts display arithmetic concepts. However, the number of such artifacts was limited. In those artifacts, there are the concepts of subtraction and addition. One of the most famous is the Ishango bone calculation which comes from Central Africa.

From written records, Egypt and Babylon were the first two regions that use the concept of arithmetic in everyday life. Egypt knew the hieroglyphic system. They also used decimal numbers like the arithmetic we know today.

If you use Roman numerals, you need a counting board so you can get the calculation results. Meanwhile, Babylonian numerals used an initial number system with positional notation.

Modern arithmetic began to be used since the time of Ancient Greece. Meanwhile, the ancient Chinese had their own way of using arithmetic. The arithmetic concepts they used were advanced arithmetic similar to the Ancient Greeks. The concept originated in the Shang and Tang dynasties.

The development of Hindu-Arabic is also a period of development of arithmetic. At that time, there was a combination of simple computational methods with a decimal number base. Today, arithmetic is one of the liberal arts taught in schools and universities.

3 Easy Ways to Do Teaching Basic Arithmetic Using Ten Frame Activity for Students

Mathematics is something that is scary for most children. So, the concept of calculation makes their learning motivation decrease, including in arithmetic. Therefore, the right way is needed to make children want to learn basic arithmetic.

Now, there is an easy way to learn arithmetic, which is by using ten frames. This method is highly recommended for teachers or parents who want to help children understand arithmetic concepts easily. Here are 3 easy ways to do teaching basic arithmetic using ten frame activity for students.

Ten frames are media and tools that can be used to give a clear message in the learning process for educational purposes. By using these ten frames, students will be able to acquire good skills, knowledge, and attitudes. In addition, ten frames are also used to increase students' motivation to learn mathematics, especially related to the operations of subtracting and adding numbers.

There are several types of ten-frame activities that you can teach children. Some of them are as follows.

  1. Build A Number

    You can use the build-a-number game. Use the ten-frame template that is already available and the teacher uses a card with a number on it. Show the cards to the children quickly and ask them to write the number on the ten frames.

  2. Ten Frame Booklet

    You can do a ten-frame booklet activity. Each booklet contains ten frames. Each frame contains one number. So, students must learn to identify these numbers and write them.

  3. Painters Tape Ten Frame

    Using painter's tape can also be a fun way. Make 10 large frames with painter's tape. Then, ask the children to describe the numbers in each frame. Next, they must put the plates according to the number written on the frame.

Apple Ten Frame Sheet
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What is The Relationship between Ten Frames and Number Sense?

Ten frames have many benefits. Well, one of them is to train the ability of number sense. What is number sense? It is the student's ability to understand numbers.

Actually, many people don't know about number sense. This is because number sense is not written explicitly in the curriculum in some schools. In fact, number sense can provide students with a deeper understanding of number or arithmetic operations.

Number sense has several benefits and a very good role in optimizing children's numeracy skills. The ultimate goal of number sense is the same as the concept of an algorithm, but number sense is more focused on creativity and skills.

So, some of the benefits that will be felt if children have good number sense abilities are as follows:

  • Estimate the various answer options.
  • Understand the relationship between the core of the problem with the concept of calculation.
  • Use a number representation to solve a problem. This method is also considered more efficient and flexible.
  • Can recognize and use a variety of different ways and strategies to solve a math problem.
  • Re-checking related to the answers obtained.


Well, all these benefits will not be felt by children if they are not taught about number sense. Therefore, teachers and parents must be active in teaching this to children. By learning number sense from an early age, children will be able to complete various types of number operations.

From this explanation, it can be seen that ten frames are related to number sense. Number sense is an ability related to arithmetic. So, doing ten-frame activities will also help children to improve their number sense skills.

Not only improving number sense ability but make sure your children are diligent in practicing math problems. This will make them familiar with various number operations problems.

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