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Sep 28, 2022
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What crafts I can make from handprints?

Crafting is always linked closely to kids, especially preschoolers. Therefore, the crafting activities at this stage need to be as simple as possible. Basically, the crafting activities for preschoolers help them master basic but crucial skills such as motor skills, identifying, and many more.

Think to arrange the crafting with the things familiar to them. The handprint could be the best for it. Handprints are also versatile designs for the craft. If you seek handprint craft ideas, let’s cut the chase and check it out!

Turning the handprint as the border frame sounds great. In this project, the kids need to dip their hand in paint and print it into the edge of the paper. To help them have a precise design, have a line frame on the template, then instruct them to not cross the line. To make the design more eye-catching, let the kids dip their handprints into the colorful paint.

Make the handprint as the craft to introduce them to the animal types. All you need to do is have the template with the head of the animals you want to introduce. Let the kids paint their handprint and trace it using a pencil and make the cutout out of it.

Instruct them to color the handprint based on the animals’ head color you’ve placed on the worksheet. Continue to make them stick it by matching the color of the handprint cutout and the animal head’s template. You can turn the handprint cutouts to introduce the plants too. it works as a flower, cactus, tree, and many more.

Just choose the ones you think it’s engaging for your students, also elaborate on your creativity in arranging them to be more interesting.

How do you arrange stencil sand art for preschoolers?

Boost your kids' motor skills with arrange learning with other materials instead of just the pen and paper. Sand is great to consider. The texture of sand boosts the kids' motor skills. Adding some colors to it would make it more interesting yet engaging for them. When it comes to sand art, kids might need exercise first. Have a stencil to build the art first. if they already mastering it, you can move further.

For preschoolers, start with the simple form as the introduction. The butterfly template would be attractive and quite familiar for the students too. Let’s start the making process by preparing the materials first. All you need to gather are the colored sands, canvas, butterfly stencils, glue, and brushes.

Instruct the students to stick the stencil on canvas. Guide them to avoid miss placed. Let them spread the glue on the butterfly template. Make them sprinkle the colorful sands on the template. Dry the butterfly sand art and hang the final looks on the wall.

Apply another style by using the sand to color the object. Wet the sands, so you can easily take them with the brush. Prepare the kid-friendly blank template and let your students scratch the brush with the sand color as they wish. Dry it and let them bring it home and show it to their parents.   

Sands belong as a learning material that is good to improve kids' motor skills due to the texture. Have those activities in your preschooler or kindergarten class and let them enjoy the learning!

Preschool Graduation Clip Art Borders
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What activities to involve on the first day of school for preschoolers?

Planning the materials for the first day of school can be a stressful activity. Keep going and seek some ideas to make the learning fun and engaging. There are a bunch of activities to throw on your preschoolers’ class, whether it's individual or group activities.

Check below to gain ideas on arranging the activities for preschoolers' first-day o school.

Have a journal template and require your students to fill it by drawing. Ask them to draw the classroom situation with their version. Besides, drawing their feelings could be great too. Let the kids draw their half-body appearance with expressions that are in line with their situation at the time.

Introduce the kids to their school environment. Take the school tour while explaining each building's function. At least, they know first. So, once they have visited later, they will more confident.

While entering the classroom they going to use it as learning, and explain the school supplies in there along with the function. You may ask whether they are familiar or not.  

Tell exciting stories from the books to gain their attention. Select the books with the first day of school theme, so they can relate to the story. Some books recommended to own are Find Spot at Preschool, The Pigeon has to Go to School, A Tiger Tail, and many more.

Choose one of these activities and have a wonderful first day of school!

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