Clue Board Game Printable

Sep 09, 2014
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Clue Board Game Printable

Clue Board Game Printable

Clue Board Game Rooms
Clue Board Game Roomsdownload


What is the board game Clue?

Classic Detective Game is a suitable name for Clue Board Game. However, developers of the Clue game still patented the Clue name for publication. The essence of the game Clue is to find who killed the victims in the game. How to play is like a detective in films that is by visiting the crime scene, looking at the weapons used and analyzing the possibility of criminals from this board game. The player will act like a detective who has a lot of Clue.

What age is the game Clue for?

Clue has an age limit for the player. The minimum age to play the Clue board game is 8 years old. For ages under 8, it is not recommended to play. Because this game requires thinking skills when looking for the suspect of in-game murder. If played by under 8 years of age will require more effort to explain the rules and objectives of the Clue board game. Age 8 years above is considered as the ideal age in understanding something that is used as Clue. And the strategy used will certainly be different from what is thought by the age below.

How do you play the board game Clue?

The way to play the Clue board game is to use all the tools provided by the Clue board game according to the rules. The first is the choice of playing piece. The character that you can determine will be among the players who will make the first move. After that is to navigate on the board game. When navigating, suggestions from other players will begin, which of course is not to make it easier for you to find the killer, but to make you do the wrong analysis so that you cannot become a winner. Players who are familiar with the Clue board game will easily choose suggestions given by other players.

Clue Board Game
Clue Board Gamedownload
Board Game Clue Sheets Printable
Board Game Clue Sheets Printabledownload
Clue Board Game Rooms
Clue Board Game Roomsdownload
Clue Game Printable Score Sheets
Clue Game Printable Score Sheetsdownload
Clue Board Game Cards
Clue Board Game Cardsdownload
Clue Game Sheets Printable
Clue Game Sheets Printabledownload


What is the best strategy for clue?

To win the Clue game, you must come up with a strategy in your mind. There are several ways that you can do as a strategy, for example, spent your time in rooms to be able to focus on analyzing the information you get. Another strategy is not to give new information to other players because you will give them the same opportunities as you to win. Finally, if it is possible, you can use Secret Passages.

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