Write Your Name Printable

Aug 20, 2010
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Write Your Name Printable

Write Your Name Printable

Printable Name Tracing Worksheets
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How do you write a child's name?

It is a common phenomenon when a child doesn't recognize their own name. It is because we rarely call by their real name, but their cute nickname. So, when someone shouts their name, they feel like it doesn't belong to them. So, they just ignore it as nothing happened. Well, actually, we can overcome this case by encouraging them to write their name. Well, it is true that it is not as simple as saying, "write your name". We need to begin gradually. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Print the name of our child as a guide for them to copy and write it, make sure we print it in block letters and the font is large.
  2. Use the media that helps with their sensory when writing
    Writing is not about pencil and paper. We can start it everywhere. We all had our experience when writing on the sand at the beach using a stick, right? Well, it is similar to this. We can encourage kids to write with their fingers only to improve their sensory skills. We can try to introduce them to write on a salt that is placed in a tray.
  3. Try to use sidewalk chalk
    Let them learn outside to boost the happy vibe. When the space of writing on a paper or a tray is limited, it is not the same when it comes to writing outdoors. They can have a huge space for free to follow the instruction that sounds "write your name".


What age should my child be able to write his name?

Well, when we instruct our kids to "write your name", actually, things that we need to remember is definitely that they have to learn how to write first. Commonly, kids are developing their writing skills at the age of 4. At this age, they are actually able to write their name too. However, if the writing is imperfect like we can find mistakes or misspells there, it is fine. We don't need to panic. It is because the skills of writing in children are not fully improved until they are five years old.

Write Your Name Worksheets
Write Your Name Worksheetsdownload
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Tracing Name Worksheets Writingdownload
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Printable Preschool Name Writing Worksheetsdownload
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Can a 3-year-old write their name?

It is discussed before that the children are actually able to start writing their name by the age of 4. Sometimes, it is great for us to find them developing their writing skills faster, like at the age of 3. However, this is not really common. It is usual when we find them holding pencils and doing something with their pencil on a piece of paper.

However, at the age of 3, they actually try to write just like what we do. They create a scribble that looks like a real letter just like what we write. Well, we don't need to push them too hard by commanding them to "write your name".

The development of kids actually takes some phase and time. It can't be forced since it will disturb their improvement which leads them to get into some serious troubles in the future.

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