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Jan 09, 2022
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Stained Glass Window Template
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How to make stained glass craft?

Consider how lovely it would be to have a number of such stained glass crosses displayed in a church or school window for Easter in a Christian or Catholic setting.

When displayed in a window at home, they look just about as stunning! The good news is that you may create this original stained glass on your own!

Materials required for your stained glass:

  • Black cardboard or construction paper
  • A cross template that you can get online
  • Tissue paper in the form of confetti
  • Clear contact paper
  • A pencil for tracing
  • Scissors


Steps to do in making the stained glass:

  1. Print out the cross template by downloading it. After cutting out the template, trace it with a pencil onto a piece of cardstock or construction paper in the color black.

  2. Fold the cross made from black paper in half after cutting it out. The cross will then be drawn and outlined with a pencil approximately a half-inch inside its outside perimeter.

  3. To create your stained glass window, trim off the interior of your cross all along the pencil line you made.

  4. Trimmed out two rectangle parts that will fully enclose the stained-glass windows craft from a piece of clear contact paper that has been rolled out and cut. One piece of contact paper with the sticky side up should be placed on your table after removing the backing. Put your black cross window on the sticky contact paper after that. In order to make sure the cross is firmly attached to the contact paper, lightly press down with your fingertips all the way around its circumference.

  5. Take a tiny handful of the vibrant tissue paper confetti you made in step 4 and drop it inside the cross on the tacky contact paper. Tissue paper should be added all the way around the cross, totally encasing the interior. You may get the confetti to attach to the contact paper by applying pressure to it with your palms on the cross.

  6. Take off the backing from your second sheet of contact paper and lay it sticky side up on top of the first piece. To help hold the two contact paper pieces together, push them firmly together using your palms.

  7. Last, cut gently around the cross's edge with scissors. With some transparent tape, mount your homemade stained glass cross in a window. Observe how the sunshine filters through the window and reveals the lovely tones of the tissue paper.

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Stained Glass Window Template
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How was the window created?

Initially, windows were little more than holes in a building's walls. People started using materials such as wood, paper, and animal skins to cover windows as time went on.

The Old Norse word vindauga, which the Vikings used, is where the word "window" originates. The individual terms are vindr (wind) and auga (eye), which is appropriate given that windows provide protection from the rain and wind while still letting you to look outdoors.

The materials used to construct early windows were fabric, wood, oiled animal skins, and transparent stones. Ancient Korea, China, and Japan all embraced paper windows as well. It is believed that the Romans were the first ancient civilization to employ glass for windows.

But ancient Roman windows weren't quite like the ones people have now. Given that they were created by pressing blown glass jars into layers, they were little and dense. Although they allowed some light to pass through, they weren't completely translucent.

What are some pros and cons of double-hung windows?

When selecting windows for new housing or maintenance units, there are several factors that must be considered. Energy efficiency, glass selections, and frame components are critical parts.

However, in order to make that choice, you must take into account the fundamental operating principles of the windows, each of which comes with a unique set of pros and cons.

There are several window style versions as well, some of them are adjustments or fusions of other types.

One of the example is double-hung windows. Although you might not be familiar with its formal name, this window type is most likely the one you are most acquainted with.

Although they are sometimes present in traditional-modern residences, double-hung windows are most frequently utilized in buildings with a classic, conventional design. Double-hung windows are commonly found in traditional architectural designs like the farmhouse, bungalow, and rambler.

  • Pros:


  1. You have a huge range of double-hung windows because so many manufacturers produce them.

  2. Because this window type is so widely available, cost are typically affordable.

  3. Because of springs or weights, double-hung typically opens and closes with ease.

  4. Since tracks are vertical, dirt typically doesn't accumulate in them.


  • Cons:


  1. Counterbalance springs and sash cords may become worn out or damaged over time.

  2. For continued smooth operation, these windows need to receive sporadic repair.

  3. These windows provide a risk of break-in for persistent burglars due to the large opening.

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