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Dec 12, 2009
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Bible Word Search Puzzles for Kids
Bible Word Search Puzzles for Kidsdownload

Why do Christians celebrating new year?

Celebrating a new year is not only devoted to Christians but also by all human beings in the world. It's just that, there are different ways to celebrate. For various religions or other types of spiritual activities, the procedure for doing them will be equated with teachings that have existed from generation to generation. However, celebrating a new year is often considered as a Christians holiday. This is because the new year is very close to the big day of Christians, namely Christmas. So that when you say Merry Christmas, you will be connected with a Happy New Year.

What does the Bible say about the new year?

The Bible contains many guides and teachings that Christians should follow in order to have a better life. What bible says about the new year is actually not openly and in detail about when is the right time to be called a new year. However, the new year means that it becomes a new era for having a better life than before. New Year is more accurately interpreted as a moment to turn a new page when talking about its correlation with the Bible.

How to make new year interesting for kids?

Without having to make it up, actually celebrating the new year has become something that is sure to appeal to everyone, including kids. The tradition of this celebration will involve many fun things such as gifts, various delicious foods, gathering with close relatives and then spending time on vacation together. What else do you need to make the New Year celebration unforgettable, even way more interesting than usual? Maybe you can add other activities like playing a puzzle game. If you have the right space, time and people, puzzles are a game that is suitable for kids to play during a celebrating new year.

New Years Crossword Puzzle
New Years Crossword Puzzledownload

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How many Bible puzzles for the new year?

Because there are many puzzles made for various groups, ages and levels of difficulty, you will also find lots of new year bible puzzles that are made for many people. From the Bible, itself already contains many parts that are suitable to be used as puzzle material. You can play crosswords games that contain part of the bible at the New Year celebration moment. You can do a game of finding objects based on the contents of the Bible on New Year's Day and various other activities that involve Bible, puzzles, and also new year celebrations.

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