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Updated on Sep 29, 2021
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Printable Kids Thank You Card
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What are some Thanksgiving coloring page ideas?

Thanksgiving is a seasonal holiday in America. Seasonal holidays are known for their unique symbols that make them attractive to children. For example, Christmas is usually synonymous with Christmas trees, Santa Claus, snowflakes, and so on. Meanwhile, Easter will be synonymous with eggs and rabbits.

These symbols are also usually used by children to start to mark the difference between seasonal holidays. This is very important as basic knowledge for children to understand seasonal holidays.

One easy way for them to memorize is by looking at them quite often. So, to introduce the thanksgiving symbol for your child, you can look for the following Thanksgiving coloring page ideas:

  1. Turkey.
  2. Cornucopia.
  3. Thank you thanksgiving color.
  4. Fall Leaves.
  5. Pumpkin.


What is a short Thanksgiving summary?

To teach about Thanksgiving to your children, you can tell them about the summary of this event as an introduction. Thanksgiving is one of the holidays held regularly every year on the fourth Thursday in November. Thanksgiving was first held by the Pilgrims of Plymouth in 1621 which celebrated a three-day harvest festival with the Wampanoag Tribe. On Thanksgiving, the emphasized value is about being grateful for the blessings you get.

Thank You Coloring Pages
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Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Pages
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Printable Coloring Thank You Cards
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Thanksgiving Thank You Cards Printable
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Printable Thank You Thanksgiving Card To Color
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What are Thanksgiving activities for kids? 

During Thanksgiving, the children will spend most of the holidays playing. However, it's a good idea to prepare activities to keep them busy while you finish the feast and dinner preparations in the evening.

Some of the following activities can be done independently by children, but some also require a little help from adults. If you can't help, ask a cousin, uncle, or aunt who is old enough to provide assistance.

  1. Let them help decorate the table. So that they can feel the joy of Thanksgiving, one way is to let them take part in preparing the table feast decorations.
  2. Give them the Thanksgiving craft project. One way to keep kids busy during Thanksgiving is by giving them craft projects. You can provide a theme that is still relevant to the Thanksgiving symbol.
  3. Take them to the turkey trot. In every city, there is generally a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. For an unforgettable experience, take your kids to watch the Turkey Trot in the park.
  4. Have them write about things to be grateful for. The core value of Thanksgiving is gratitude. Therefore, invite your children to write down things they can be grateful for this year on a colorful piece of paper.
  5. Give a coloring activity. In order to train children's cognitive, coloring activity is very important. One of the coloring page ideas for children is thank you thanksgiving color.

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