Printable Thanksgiving Word Search Challenging

Jul 15, 2014
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Printable Thanksgiving Word Search Challenging

Printable Thanksgiving Word Search Challenging

Printable Thanksgiving Word Searches
Printable Thanksgiving Word Searchesdownload

What does Thanksgiving stands for?

Thanksgiving will come this month, or the last Thursday of November to be exact. People in North America celebrate this day. This celebration is about family gathering, dinner, and saying gratitude for all the things that happened that year before the dinner starts. This kind of feast was first celebrated in 1621. Back then, the Pilgrim who came from England celebrated their earliest harvest abroad. They thank their God for all those fall harvest that they earned. They also give their yields to Wampanoag Indians that was the native of the land. From the history of Thanksgiving, we know that Thanksgiving stands from two separate words: “thanks” and “giving”. Thanks stands for Pilgrim’s act who thank their god for all their fall harvest. Give stands for Pilgrim’s act when they gave their yields to the local Wampanoag Indians. All that stated is a good idea for a game. Thanksgiving word search challenging is one of those games that you can apply based on that fact. It is a game to search for a word related to Thanksgiving. It can enrich your vocabulary on Thanksgiving.

What is the most popular Thanksgiving food?

The core of Thanksgiving celebration consists of three activities: family gathering, dinner, and expressing gratitude. Dinner is one of the core of Thanksgiving. When we talk about dinner, we can’t forget to talk about food. What makes Thanksgiving different from other celebrations is the food. People who live in the country that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving maybe only know that Thanksgiving is only about turkey. Yes, turkey is the most famous Thanksgiving food. The second famous Thanksgiving food are the two pairs of pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce. The others are potatoes with gravy sauce, corn or cornbread, dinner rolls, and so on. If you wanna know more about Thanksgiving’s food, you can play this Thanksgiving word search challenging game. It is a game to search some words related to Thanksgiving. It is a fun games to do with both kids and adults. Thanksgiving word search challenging helps you enrich your knowledge on Thanksgiving, including its food.

Printable Thanksgiving Word Searches
Printable Thanksgiving Word Searchesdownload
Christian Thanksgiving Word Search
Christian Thanksgiving Word Searchdownload
Thanksgiving Word Searches
Thanksgiving Word Searchesdownload
Printable Thanksgiving Word Search
Printable Thanksgiving Word Searchdownload
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Hard Thanksgiving Word Search
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Printable Thanksgiving Word Search Puzzles
Printable Thanksgiving Word Search Puzzlesdownload

What do people eat on Thanksgiving?

The famous one is turkey. Turkey plays an important role on Thanksgiving day. The other one are pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce. Those two pairs can’t be separated. There’s more food and beverage that people consume on Thanksgiving. If you wanna know more, playing Thanksgiving word search challenging can be the solution. It is a game to search for some Thanksgiving related-word on a page. It can introduce you to a number of Thanksgiving words, including food.

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