Printable Thanksgiving Turkey Worksheets

May 20, 2013
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Printable Thanksgiving Turkey Worksheets

Printable Thanksgiving Turkey Worksheets

Printable Thanksgiving Activity Worksheets
Printable Thanksgiving Activity Worksheetsdownload

Why do you eat turkey on Thanksgiving?

We can say that turkey is the icon of Thanksgiving. Even those who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving always think about turkey when they talk about Thanksgiving. In fact, eating turkey as a Thanksgiving tradition is a new thing. Back then, on the earliest Thanksgiving feast dated back to 1621, Pilgrims prefer ducks over turkey. About two hundred years later, or 1863 to be exact, Abraham Lincoln as the President of United States declared Thanksgiving as one of the national holidays in the US. At the same time, presenting a turkey starts to be a tradition too. That was when people started to eat turkey on Thanksgiving. The association of turkey and Thanksgiving continues until now. Thanksgiving turkey worksheets are the example of it. They are simple worksheets with turkey form. It can introduce Thanksgiving to your child. Thanksgiving turkey worksheets are a fun way to learn about Thanksgiving.

Does Turkey celebrate Thanksgiving?

Turkey and Thanksgiving are two pairs of things that can’t be separated. Turkey is a special food for Thanksgiving. We can say that turkey only appears on Thanksgiving. While Thanksgiving isn’t complete without turkey. It’s like, it’s not a real Thanksgiving when you don’t serve turkey on your dinner table. But what about Turkey with the big “T”? The nations Turkey that lies between Asia and Europe? The answer is, they didn’t celebrate it. Turkey is a nations with majority Muslim populations. Thanksgiving, even if it's not really biblical, is considered a Christian thing. It’s considered as a US only celebration (even Canada and Brazil celebrate this kind of feast too) so it’s impossible for Asian country to celebrate it. Although Turkey with the big “T” doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, you can still celebrate Thanksgiving with the small “t” turkey. Kids can celebrate Thanksgiving with turkey too. One of the ways to celebrate Thanksgiving with turkey is using Thanksgiving turkey worksheets. Kids will learn about Thanksgiving with the Thanksgiving turkey worksheets. Thanksgiving turkey worksheets are blank worksheets that can be colored. Coloring activity is a fun things for kids, so Thanksgiving turkey worksheets is a right way to teach your kids about Thanksgiving and celebrate it together.

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How do you draw a good hand turkey?

To draw a good hand turkey is an easy thing to do. Just put your hand on the paper, then draw it following the outline of your hand. After that, you can draw a turkey from your hand drawings, with its head on your thumb. If you can’t draw, maybe coloring a turkey worksheets can be the solution.  Thanksgiving turkey worksheets is a turkey formed worksheets that can be colored by kids. It is one of the best way to teach your kids about Thanksgiving.

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