Thanksgiving Church Printable Worksheets

Mar 12, 2009
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Thanksgiving Church Printable Worksheets

Thanksgiving Church Printable Worksheets

Thanksgiving Printable Puzzle Pages
Thanksgiving Printable Puzzle Pagesdownload

What is the importance of Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving will come on the last Thursday of November. That means we still have time to prepare for Thanksgiving. On this day, people will gather with their family, having dinner together, and expressing their gratitude. Aside from its dinner (with roasted whole turkey on the spotlight), Thanksgiving is about gratitude. Thanksgiving begins from the Pilgrims back in 1621. They thank their God for their earliest harvest abroad. Thanksgiving is about sharing what you have too. The Pilgrims give some of their yields to local Wampanoag Indians. Thanksgiving is actually a meaningful celebration. Kids will learn about it in church too. One of the ways to learn about Thanksgiving in a religious way is using the Thanksgiving church worksheet. It is a worksheet for kids that appears on Sunday school. Kids will learn about religion, God, and relation to Thanksgiving traditions too.

Do you go to church on Thanksgiving?

The expressing gratitude activities on Thanksgiving may look like biblical things, but the origin of it is not as biblical as we think. Back then, in 1621, the Pilgrims who came from England, landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts, to build a new settlement. They made houses, farms, and many other things for a living. When the fall season comes, they harvest what they plant. They were very grateful for their earliest harvest abroad, so they held a feast with their own yields to celebrate their harvest. They thanked their God for all those fall harvests. They gave some of their yields to local Indians from the Wampanoag tribe, hence the name “Thanksgiving”. It’s still religious and related to Christianity because the Pilgrims were Christians, but it’s considered a new tradition. For mass, the Protestant church isn't really into the mass. Some of the Catholic churches hold a mass, but still on Sunday (in contrast to Thanksgiving day, Thursday). But Thanksgiving can still be a religious thing. Sunday school can teach about gratitude to God when it comes to Thanksgiving week. Thanksgiving church worksheet can be a solution for kids to learn about Thanksgiving. It is a worksheet from church with a Thanksgiving theme. It can be a good way to learn about God, His grace, and the whole Thanksgiving itself.

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Printable Thanksgiving Worksheets
Printable Thanksgiving Worksheetsdownload

How do you pray for Thanksgiving prayer?

Thanksgiving prayer may vary. But remember, the main theme of Thanksgiving is gratitude. This feast is about gratitude to God at first. You can say thanks to God for all the things that happened that year. To learn about other prayers that can be used for Thanksgiving, kids can learn by using a Thanksgiving church worksheet. It is a religious worksheet with a Thanksgiving theme. With the Thanksgiving church worksheet, kids can learn about Thanksgiving as a celebration and as a religious thing too.

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