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Updated on Feb 14, 2023
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St. Patricks Day Crossword Puzzle
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Who is Saint Patrick?

Saint Patrick is one of the most famous Christian figures in the world. In fact, the day Saint Patrick died became St. Patrick's Day and became a national holiday in several countries, mainly in Ireland.

Actually, his most famous story is about Saint Patrick's expulsion of all snakes from Ireland. This is still being discussed today and many are seeking the truth of the story.

Although referred to as the patron of Ireland, he is not of Irish descent, but of English descent. He only ever lived in Ireland as a slave until he finally escaped and became a priest until the end of his life.

After becoming a priest, he returned to Ireland to spread Christianity to the people of Ireland. Because of that, Saint Patrick is praised and respected by all Irish people.

After devoting himself as a priest and spreading Christianity in Ireland, Saint Patrick died on March 17, 461. Since then, Irish people have made the story of Saint Patrick a hereditary story in Ireland.

Therefore, Saint Patrick can also be called a legend in Ireland because of his great service in protecting Ireland and spreading Christianity there. The most famous history of Saint Patrick is the teaching of the Holy Trinity. That relates to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit which is symbolized by a three-leaf clover from Ireland or known as the shamrock.

However, there are other facts related to Saint Patrick that not many people know. Although he was called the Patron Saint of Ireland, he was never actually canonized by the Catholic Church.

The reason is, during that era, there was no formal canonization process carried out by the Catholic Church. So, Saint Patrick continued to carry out his activities as a pastor to spread Christianity throughout Ireland. Because of his popularity, Saint Patrick is called a saint by the people of Ireland and the world.

What is St. Patrick's Day Puzzle?

In the celebration of St. Patrick's Day, there are lots of fun activities people can do. Because it is also designated as a national holiday in countries with a majority Christian population, children can have time to spend their holidays playing the festival of green games.

They can do some games such as making green slime, making St. Patrick's Day crafts, making greeting cards, and looking for the four-leaf clovers which are the symbol.

However, did you know that one of the fun games that can be done during the celebration of St. Patrick's Day is playing St. Patrick's Day puzzles? This game can be done at home with easy templates to find around here! There are several types of puzzle games that can be played.

An example is putting together an image with the typical symbols of St. Patrick's Day like a pot of gold, leprechaun, shamrock, and others. The game will be more fun if played with several people.

St. Patricks Day Crossword Puzzle Printable
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St. Patricks Day Word Search Puzzles Printable
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St. Patricks Day Word Search Puzzle
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St. Patricks Day Word Search Puzzle
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5 Interesting Facts about St. Patrick Day

Here are 5 facts about St. Patrick Day that can be new knowledge for you:

  1. Leprechauns are Elves

    Besides the shamrock, the leprechaun is also one of the main symbols in St. Patrick Day. In Ireland, the real name of the leprechaun is lobaircin which means a person with a small body.

    Lobaircin is a fairy with red hair and green clothes.This belief comes from Celtic. People believe that leprechauns have magical powers to be able to fight evil.

  2. Corned Beef and Cabbage is Not Irish

    At the celebration of St. Patrick Day, people always eat corned beef and cabbage. Actually, that food does not originate from Ireland, but America.

    For Irish citizens, this food was eaten in the past because it could be an alternative for poor Irish-American immigrants. At that time, they lived in the slums around Manhattan from the late 19th to early 20th centuries.

    The immigrants could only buy leftover corned beef from Chinese merchant ships. They boiled the leftover corned beef three times with the cabbage to remove the salty taste.

    Because of that, corned beef and cabbage are foods that are often eaten by Irish in America. Since then, this food has also become a menu that must be present at the celebration of St. Patrick Day in Ireland.

  3. Shamrock is A Sacred Plant in Ireland

    The Irish consider three leaf clover a sacred plant. The plant is better known as the shamrock and is the main symbol of St. Patrick Day.

    In Celtic belief, the shamrock is called as as seamroy which symbolizes spring that has arrived. In fact, it is also said that Saint Patrick used to make this plant to guide him in his journey of spreading the teachings of the Holy Trinity.

    Because of its important meaning for Ireland, since the 17th century, the shamrock has been used as a symbol of the rise of nationalism in Ireland. Until now, the shamrock is always seen at the celebration of St. Patrick Day.

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