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Updated on Mar 30, 2023
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A stronger relationship with God through the magnificence of nature

The beauty of God's creation represents one of the most potent ways to draw people to God out of all the things that exist on earth that might lead our hearts to God. In addition to inspiring us to behave morally and bringing us closer to God, the beauty of nature also brings us inner peace.

Because of this, appreciating the beauty of the natural world and seeking out God's breathtakingly beautiful locations are healthy practices.

In addition, when we appreciate its beauty, we are more likely to be motivated to conserve creation and take care of the environment as contributing members as possible.

The ways that nature can help us connect with God

By doing the activities below, you may discover some good ways to be connected with nature, such as:

  • Go outside and read your Bible. You can achieve peace and tranquility by reading the Bible while enjoying the scenery.

  • Go on a hike and while exploring, ponder God's handiwork. By hiking and seeing nature, you may be grateful that you can witness such beautiful scenery made by God.

  • Choose a peaceful area on the grounds, sit down, and practice meditation. Stress and anxiety can be effectively managed by meditation, which also improves concentration and calmness.

  • Plant something by getting your hands dirty in the dirt. Start small and explore as you get acquainted with a few low-maintenance houseplants. Somehow it will bring you an easy and calm feeling with seeing the plant grow.

  • Spend time praying and doing outdoor exercise. Exercise is worship in and of itself because it moves your body. We might give thanks to God for the physical body and good health He has given us.

What human can do to protect nature by preserving the environment close to them?

There are things you can do to support and protect the natural world if you're worried about the environment, even though it may be overwhelming.

You can make the most of your efforts by bringing local environmental concerns to the attention of your family and close friends, or by collaborating with some other activists to campaign for laws that preserve the environment by carrying out the acts listed below, such as:

  • Quit cutting your grass. In addition to providing a habitat for insects and birds, the grasses and weeds will grow to seed. Once wildflowers blossom, bees will have food to eat. Maintaining a typical grass lawn deprives these critters of their natural habitat.

  • Take part in river or beach cleanups. When people pollute the environment, their garbage frequently enters nearby rivers, harming the natural habitats of birds, fish, and other wetland animals. Contribute by participating in cleanup operations along the river or at the beach.

  • Put an end to using pesticides. Make changes to the garden's surroundings that will drive away pests rather than applying poisonous chemicals.

  • Put in some local shrubs and trees. You can work with rather than against the local ecosystem by planting native trees and bushes.

  • Collect the rainwater. The majority of individuals collect their rainfall in rain barrels until they need to use it for irrigation. Both installing a diverter that draws water from your water drainage system and placing a rain barrel right beneath your gutter are possible.

  • Bee-friendly flowers should be planted. The pollination of food crops and fruit trees is only one of the many reasons bees are essential to the health of your neighborhood ecology.

  • Provide food to squirrels and birds. Feeding animals encourages them to visit your yard, where they can find a habitat.

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What kind of simple actions you can take to protect the environment?

You may safeguard the environment by following the advice given below, such as:

  1. Reducing, reusing, and recycling. Reduce the amount of trash you produce. To save resources and landfill space, practice the three "R's".

  2. Participate in local cleanups as a volunteer. To help safeguard your watershed, you can participate as well.

  3. You can assist others in appreciating the significance and worth of our environmental assets by continuing your own knowledge.

  4. Be water-wise. Less runoff and pollution eventually reach the ocean because of increased water efficiency.

  5. Decide on sustainability. Visit to learn about making informed seafood decisions.
  7. Shop wisely. Shop using reusable bags and purchase less plastic.

  8. Utilize light bulbs that last a long time. Greenhouse gas emissions are decreased by using energy-efficient light bulbs. After leaving the room, be sure to turn off the lights as well!

  9. Plant a tree. Food and oxygen are both provided by trees. They contribute to energy efficiency, air sanitization, and the fight against global warming.

  10. Keep chemicals out of the waterways. Choose non-toxic chemicals for your house and workplace.

  11. More biking. Less driving since the emissions from vehicles is harmful to the environment.

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