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Dec 14, 2012
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Coco Chanel Logo Clip Art
Coco Chanel Logo Clip Artdownload

How is Chanel so iconic?

To have a brand means you are challenged to make something that can be iconic. As far from all fashion brands, Chanel is an example of a brand that presents an iconic logo. The interlocking CC logo becomes a symbol that represents luxury, elegance, wealth, elitism and elegance. Like any other brand logo like iconic marks of Nike and Adidas stripes, Chanel is recognizably a brand made by a woman named Coco Chanel. Coco Chanel designed the logo herself and was inspired by a pattern of stained glass of a window chapel in where she grew up, Aubazine. It is also said that the CC logo  is a merge of the initial of her name and her lover, Arthur Capel. The simplicity of the icon is also what makes the logo become memorable and easy to recognize.

How to make a fashion wall decoration art?

If you are a person who is into fashion, you must be aware of these brands. Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Bvlgari and other big brands you can name it. Perhaps you don’t have all those brands in your wardrobe or have a big closet room full of those seasonal collections. Making your room as a fashionista can be done in other ways. You can decorate your room by hanging chic frames with the brand's art or illustration. If you are a bit chic style, make sure you have the wall colored in soft tones. This stands out wall art in your room. A Chanel wall art framed nearby your book shelves or right next to the mirror is also a nice arrangement to do. Because Chanel brands represent elegance, the wall art can add the touch of elegance and luxury feeling to your room.

Chanel Wall Art Printable Free
Chanel Wall Art Printable Freedownload

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Printable Coco Chanel Logo
Printable Coco Chanel Logodownload
Coco Chanel Logo Clip Art Free
Coco Chanel Logo Clip Art Freedownload
Chanel Wall Art and Decor
Chanel Wall Art and Decordownload
Coco Chanel Printables Free
Coco Chanel Printables Freedownload
Printable Coco Chanel Logo
Printable Coco Chanel Logodownload
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Printable Coco Chanel Wall Art
Printable Coco Chanel Wall Artdownload
Free Printable Chanel Wall Art
Free Printable Chanel Wall Artdownload

Why are people so fashion brand obsessed?

Wearing branded clothes is not wrong yet when people become obsessed of it perhaps because they have lost the identity of their own. Then fashion brands were the only thing that determined the person. When people become too obsessed, this means they hang onto external elements that give them validation. Crazy things you probably can see are the person's house wall art is filled with Chanel wall art template or Louis Vuitton pattern. To get attention from people nowadays is more likely to be a crazy trend. People give out everything they can to be in the spotlight yet even if there's no way to make sense of achieving it. Somehow, good brands also present good stuff and production. Even pride is always attached to people who like to wear only branded clothes, the quality of the products also noted as a reason.

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