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Dec 23, 2022
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Rudolph Candy Bar Wrappers
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What is Santa’s reindeer role?

Santa’s fairy tale is always connected with the reindeer alongside. They used to pull his sleigh while traveling around the world sharing Christmas presents on the Eve. With a total of 9 reindeer, each of them has specific roles along with their personality you might be curious to know.

Dasher is the eldest of Santa’s reindeer and also a leader of the group. During the journey, Dasher will be the one that drives in the direction which everyone has to follow. Dancer flying aside the Dasher. Because he loves dancing, the Dancer would bring the earphone to bring during the flight but often forget them.

Prancer is the one that leads the exercise. He even adds the yoga move which sometimes causes the reindeer antlers to be tangled. Vixen just loves to spend more time with her friends. She even mastered the Monopoly board games.

As the name, Comet is the fastest one when flying in the sky. He even joins a horse race and pretends to be a horse by hiding the antlers. Cupid has a part-time job as a veterinarian. She helps other animals in the North Pole Forest.

Donder is a little forgetful reindeer. Sometimes the order from Santa was missed direction by him. Blitzen known as a group prankster. He even makes the reindeer land in a Candy Cane factory. Rudolph is the youngest at the North Pole which is also quite famous due to his red nose. Whenever the bad weather come, he would be the one that lead the sleigh.

Which animals might help Santa instead of the reindeer?

One of the most animals in the world that is connected with Christmas is the reindeer. It is known as Santa’s army. You might come up with the thinking that any animal might replace the role. Here are some animals that are probably in charge:

  1. Camels

This animal is also known as the one that can carry huge loads of burden. Camels can adapt to bad climate conditions. They are also able to take out for the long journey. Those reasons make the camels would be such great animals to pull the sleigh.

  1. Bald Eagles

One reason that you might consider this animal is because of its flying skill. It is hundred percent correct, but aside from that, the strongest physical also becomes the reason. However, Santa might need a lot of birds due to the burden they should bring.

  1. Grizzly Bears

Grizzly bears are such a great consideration because they can lift heavy loads. This animal is also able to make Santa reduce the sleigh pullers. With this strength, grizzly bears are also able to protect Santa from attackers. In a journey of sharing the gifts, he at least needs 5 magic bears to go along with.

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Christmas Candy Bar Wrappers
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Mini Hershey Candy Bar Christmas Wrapper
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How do you wrap the candies as a Christmas gift?

A magical Christmas won’t be complete without sharing the gift. Even candy can bring happiness. If you want to come up with candy bars to share, better to wrap them in special. You can go with the reindeer theme for it.

All you need to gather are candy bars, colored paper, brown pipe cleaner, googly eyes, glue, and scissor. Measure the brown paper to fits your candies and make their cutouts. create the hair accents to place on the top. You can just draw it like the curly leaves then make the cutouts. For the nose accent, just layered the light brown circular shape with the red one.

The antlers would stand out using the pipe cleaner. Copy the reindeer antlers template or just simply make it looks like the tree branches. Time to construct everything!

Start with layer up the candies with the measured paper. Stick the facial ornaments such as the red nose, googly eyes, and hair cutouts. Place the antlers on the top using hot glue. Make it more meaningful with add some sayings.

What do the reindeer symbolize?

The appearance of reindeer in the Christmas story was first mentioned in Twas the Night Before Christmas poem which was written by Clement C. Moore around 1824. The existence of this cute animal then inspired some writers to come up with the story of reindeer and even their names of them. Aside from that, they somehow still connected with the celebration through its meaning.

They represent the meaning of prudence, resourcefulness, versatility, knowledge, creativity, and inventiveness. This animal teaches everyone to be a family-oriented totem. It leads you to have skills in socializing and also communicating with others.

They are known to be animals that adapted to any weather even extreme ones. It represents the meaning that you can also be a reindeer that is adaptable and become yourself in every situation even the storm around you.  

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