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Updated on May 01, 2023
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What is the Spring Festival?

Asia celebrates the Spring event, which is the most significant event on the Chinese calendar. The first night of the first lunar month marks the beginning of the fifteen-day festival, which concludes with the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day.

Families gather throughout the event to share food and have fun. Many days before the Spring Festival, individuals start cleaning their houses, getting their haircuts, paying off debts, and purchasing new clothing. On the Gregorian calendar, the Spring Festival normally takes place towards the end of January. Fireworks, lion and dragon dances, parades, and other festivities mark the festival's celebration.

The origin

One of the most well-known myths is that during the winter, a monster by the name of Nian would emerge from concealment and attack peasants. The creature was frightened by red, bright lights, and loud noises. To frighten the monster away, the locals began to hang red flags from their homes and light fireworks. This custom gradually changed into the Spring Festival that we know today.

According to another version, the Spring Festival began as a means to commemorate the end of winter and the advent of spring, which represented new beginnings and rejuvenation. It was also a time for people to gather, reconcile with their families, and express gratitude for the bounties of the previous year.

Spring season

A season of the year called spring comes after winter and before summer. Warmer temperatures, longer days, and the regrowth and rebirth of plants and animals are its defining characteristics. For plants that have been inactive, they will begin to bloom again back in this season along with the animals that wake up from their hibernation.

The season is linked to beginnings, development, and rejuvenation. Spring typically lasts from March to June in the northern hemisphere and from September to December in the southern. While the meteorological definition of spring is a three-month period based on rising temperatures, the astronomical definition of spring is based on equinoxes and solstices.

How to Decorate Classroom for Spring Festivity Mood?

Decorating a classroom with a festive spring theme might be a fantastic way to welcome the new season and generate a cheerful and positive learning environment for students.

The goal of decorating a classroom with a festive spring theme is to create an environment that celebrates the beauty of spring while also motivating children to learn and flourish. Here are some spring-themed classroom decor ideas:

  1. Incorporate pastel hues: To create a soft and warm environment, use pastel colors such as light green, pink, yellow, and blue.

  2. Decorate with spring-themed decorations: Add spring-themed decorations to the classroom, such as flowers, butterflies, and birds. You can build your own paper cutouts or buy ready-made decorations.

  3. Create a garden corner: Set up a little garden nook in the classroom, complete with potted plants or flowers. Students might benefit from this as they learn about gardening and wildlife.

  4. Demonstrate spring-themed art: Showcase spring-themed art such as paintings or sketches of flowers, trees, or animals. Encourage kids to make their own spring artwork to show in the classroom.

  5. Use spring-themed bulletin boards: Create bulletin boards with spring themes, such as "Spring into Learning" or "Bloom Where You're Planted." These bulletin boards can also be used to exhibit student work.

  6. Play spring-themed music: To generate a dynamic and happy mood in the classroom, play music inspired by the spring season.

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How to engage the kids in the activity?

For a range of age groups and skill levels, these exercises can be used to reinforce important concepts in math, science, and the arts. Additionally, they can help create a welcoming environment for the spring celebration in the classroom.

  • Paper florals: Use cards or paper to make ornaments with colorful flowers. Create paper plate flower petals, or let the kids paint their own flower bouquets or other embellishments, like butterflies.

  • Rainbow number bonds: Ask students to write several equations that add up to the selected number on various-colored strips of card stock. Then, have them put their rainbows together. These will reinforce crucial math concepts while looking attractive when put on display throughout your classroom.

  • Spring shapes sponge art: Print out your preferred forms, trace them onto cardstock, and cut off the inside of the shape to make a stencil. Students will like sponge painting inside the stencil and will be astonished at how it turns out once the stencil is removed.

  • Paper plate spring scene: Have your pupils make charming spring scenes out of paper plates and other materials like buttons, craft sticks, and tissue paper. Allow their imaginative tiny imaginations to run wild with possibilities.

  • Cherry blossom art: The annual flowering of cherry trees has developed into a prominent national event in Japan. Have children use pink tissue paper and green construction paper to make their own cherry blossom artwork.


Conserve the Environment

If kids are to learn to appreciate and comprehend the world around them, they must be taught the importance of protecting the environment. Children's environmental education is a never-ending process.

By encouraging them to develop an appreciation for the environment at a young age, you can instill habits that will last a lifetime and benefit the planet and future generations.

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